How to Fix iPad Pro 10.5 Battery Drain Fast?

How to Fix iPad Pro 10.5 Battery Drain Fast?

How to Fix iPad Pro 10.5 Battery Drain Fast? If you possess an iPad Pro 10.5, you most likely like doing a variety of activities on it. Perhaps you love playing video games, watching movies or television shows, or completing academics. Whether you use your tablet for leisure or business, it might be aggravating if your iPad Pro 10.5 battery drains faster than it used to. What may be the reason for this, what can you do about it? Let’s take a moment to look at each of those questions.

How to Fix iPad Pro 10.5 Battery Drain Fast?

Apple now sells five iPad models, providing you with a plethora of alternatives when attempting to select the finest iPad. While surfing the web, reading email, and conversing, each iPad is rated for around 10 hours of battery life. However, if you’ve already set up a new one, particularly when you restored it from a previous phone backup or loaded iPadOS 15, you may see a greater drain on your battery than you’d anticipate.

Rather than yelling and throwing your iPad as much as you may want to! Here’s what you can do to improve iPad battery life and get back to living. The iPad Pro 10.5 battery drains faster than you would like – even when it lasts 10 hours, you would want to see it last a bit longer.

How long will the iPad Pro 10.5’s Battery Last?

The iPad Pro 10.5, like other consumer gadgets, is powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery. It’s a rechargeable battery with a flexible case that’s lightweight. It can be nearly any form you want, and it’s a lot safer than a lithium-ion battery.

Apple claims that the battery life among its iPad Pro 10.5 tablet will last up to 10 hours of continuous use. However, one typical difficulty that iPad users have is a quickly draining battery, which limits what they can accomplish while on the road. Just because your iPad Pro is continually running out of energy doesn’t imply it’s a dead device. You can extend the life of your battery by making a few easy tweaks.

Step by Step Guide to fix iPad Pro 10.5 battery draining fast issue

Your iPad’s battery life will increase once you adopt the instructions above. However, when your iPad Pro 10.5 battery continues to die fast, you may be dealing with a more serious software issue. There is no low power function on the iPad, but you may configure your device to prolong the battery life of your iPad Pro 10.5 model. Try a few of these ideas and see how things go:

Method 1: Low power Mode on iPad

There is still no Low Battery Mode on the iPad, as there is for the iPhone – sad! — but there is a lot you can do to reduce power use in any case.

  1. Reduce the screen’s brightness.
  2. Set the Auto-Lock timer to 1 minute.
  3. If you need to listen to audio or music, use headphones instead of the speaker.
  4. Turn off Screen lock notifications to stop them from lighting up your screen.
  5. Turn off push for mail and instead use fetch.
  6. Disable Background Refresh for applications.
  7. Use the best, most powerful internet connection available, whether it’s Wi-Fi, LTE, or 4G/3G. (A poor signal implies that the radio must be turned on to pick it up.)

Method 2: Adjust brightness of the screen and enable auto-lock

If your iPad’s screen is on for an extended period of time and is excessively bright, the battery % of your iPad Pro 10.5 will quickly deplete. Don’t forget to set the brightness to a suitable level. Also, if you don’t want the display to stay on till you lock it, enable Auto-Lock.

Method 3: Keep Your iPad Updated to Fix iPad Pro 10.5 Battery

Aside from additional features, the current iPadOS software generally contains bug patches that improve energy usage, so keeping your iPad updated is always a smart idea.

Method 4: Use Wi-Fi rather than LTE data

Connecting to an LTE network requires more power since LTE data is more powerful and has a much more complicated architecture. To resolve the iPad Pro 10.5 battery draining quickly issue, stay connected to a Wi-Fi network whenever feasible. Turn it off if it’s not accessible.

Method 5: Keep Your iPad at the Proper Temperature

The iPad’s working temperature range is 32° – 95°F on average. Heat and cold can degrade battery performance and cause irreparable damage. Avoid using or keeping your iPad in direct sunlight or in locations where the temperature may go outside of that range. More importantly, do not charge the tablet when it is hot, and do not remove the case if it is thick or does not disperse heat efficiently. It should be alright if you choose a super-slim, lightweight case.

Method 6: Restrict Non-Necessary Activities

There is software and settings available to help you save battery life, but the more powerful the iPadOS gadget develops, the more energy it requires. The trouble is, you don’t always realise how many things are operating in the background.

Here are a few settings you might want to look into App Refresh in the Background, Motion, Share iPad Analytics, Notifications, Location Services, Fitness & Activity Tracking Get rid of whatever you don’t need or use frequently.

Method 7: Reboot your iPad to Fix iPad Pro 10.5 Battery

Rebooting your device is the simplest, yet frequently most effective, repair for the iPad Pro 10.5 battery depletion issue. Giving your iPad a new start can frequently resolve issues you were previously unaware of.

Method 8: Analyse Battery Usage to Fix iPad Pro 10.5 Battery

When you use your iPad Pro 10.5 as usual yet the battery drains rapidly, something is likely amiss. To obtain a thorough picture of your entire power use, navigate to Settings=>Battery=>Battery Usage=>Show Detailed Usage. You may discover that software you rarely use consumes a lot of electricity. Remove it since it may contain malware.

Method 9: All settings should be reset or erased

Resetting everything implies removing all of your settings without destroying any user data or media. This option may be handy if your iPad Pro 10.5’s battery is running low. If this does not resolve the issue, you can go one step further and delete all material and settings. It’s the same as restoring your iPad to factory settings, which may be painful and time-consuming, so back it up first if you don’t want to start from scratch.

Method 10: Contact Apple Support

Every now and again, you encounter a situation that you simply cannot solve. Things can go wrong with electronics, as they can with anything else. If you have AppleCare or AppleCare+, you should obviously schedule a Genius Bar appointment and make use of it. If you don’t live near an Apple Store, you may set up a mail-in repair by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE. When the problem persists, book a Genius Bar appointment and have them test the battery, since it may need to be replaced.


An iPad may be utilised in a variety of settings. It’s more efficient, but it can’t compete with the iPhone in terms of battery life. If your iPad Pro 10.5 battery drains quickly, I hope the recommendations above may help.

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