Horseback Riding Tips for Intermediate

Horseback Riding Tips for Intermediate

Horseback Riding Tips for Intermediate. The intermediate level is a fantastic moment in a rider’s life. You’ve learnt enough to feel secure and at ease with horses. Your ability and comprehension are shining through, and you can do a lot more on your own today than you could as a beginner.

An intermediate rider feels at ease on a horse. They are well-versed in the various gaits and can control their horse in most conditions. They are no longer a beginner, yet they are not yet expert riders. If this describes you, you might be wondering how to take your riding to a higher level…

Horseback Riding Tips for Intermediate

  1. Accept advice, but be aware of where it is coming from. Everyone has a point of view! When offered new counsel, you must trust your intuition and previous experience.
  2. Understand how to use your seat and legs correctly. Don’t just rely on your reins!
  3. Don’t forget about your saddle position and posture. It can have a significant effect on your ride.
  4. Maintain a calm demeanour when riding. This entails managing your body’s tension.
  5. Learn about your horse’s anatomy and movement. Discover how to count strides!
  6. Don’t avoid groundwork; instead, incorporate it into every training session. It will move into the saddle.
  7. You should try to ride as many different horses as possible.
  8. Take note of how experienced riders handle their horses.
  9. Record your lessons and rides on video. Examine them to identify your areas of strength and weakness.
  10. Take risks and put yourself out there without fear. Go to a show, ride a different horse, attempt a new discipline, and so on…

Remember, riding is enjoyable! No matter how skilful or good you become, keep the love alive.

How to better your Horseback Riding Skills?

When it comes to expanding your knowledge and skills, horseback riding is a hobby with limitless potential. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut in training or riding because you don’t know how to move forward. So, I’ve developed a list of tips that have helped me become a better equestrian rider and teacher.

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