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How to Fix a Bent Garage Door?

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How to Fix a Bent Garage Door

How to Fix a Bent Garage Door? When a garage door is bent, it may fail to close or open properly. A twisted garage door panel may become tucked as it goes up and down. A bend in a garage door can be caused by a variety of factors, including you driving your automobile through the door.

Even the smallest of these bends can have major implications later on. As a result, it is critical to repair a bent garage door panel as soon as possible. A little dent can have a minor impact on the door’s functionality. The same cannot be true for the garage door panel’s large bends.

It’s actually fairly simple to dent a garage door. It’s something that every homeowner does. They either pull out of the garage without looking and smash against the closed garage door, or they simply bump into it by parking too close to it. It occurs significantly more frequently than you might believe.

Furthermore, garage door panels can be damaged by falling debris, hail storms, wind storms, and other natural phenomena. You shouldn’t need to call a professional to mend a bent garage door if the damage to the garage door panel is small.

In most circumstances, repairing a bent garage door is straightforward and quick.

Is It Possible To Repair A Bent Garage Door Panel?

Typically, the door should be able to move up and down without difficulty. The panel may bend, causing it to lag when operating the door. It is a typical issue that many homeowners may overlook. However, a detailed inspection of the garage door may reveal a slight bend that is causing the garage door to malfunction. If the garage door bends, the track and rail can be damaged as well.

A panel can split at the top, the centre, or the bottom. The door will sag in all circumstances. It is critical to pay attention to the panels in order to solve the problem on time. Allowing the condition to continue will just exacerbate it and put a train on the other sections of the garage door. Get the panel examined as soon as you notice a dent. Check the springs as well to ensure they are still providing adequate tension.

The good news is that you can repair a garage door panel. However, it must be done correctly. You can learn how to repair a bent garage door panel on your own, but even the tiniest fall might result in terrible injury. As a result, it is best to consult with a specialist.

How to Fix a Bent Garage Door?

As previously stated, it is preferable to hire a professional to fix a bent garage door panel. If you insist on doing it yourself, here is an easy solution to repair a bent garage door panel. Each of these possibilities is a viable option.

1. Buy a New Panel

Replacing the panel is one of the finest solutions. Attempting to retain bent panels is not recommended because it will exacerbate the problem. Rather than attempting to patch the dent, it is preferable to replace the panels.

Contact a professional to assess the degree of the damage. In most cases, a bent garage door panel replacement may be completed in a matter of hours. As a result, your garage door will look brand new again. A new panel is a suitable alternative for a bent garage door top panel. Dents at the top, centre, and bottom of the panel can be repaired with a replacement.

2. Use a Hammer to Get Rid of the Bend

If the panel has a little dent, you can easily repair it with a hammer. Straighten the dent with a hammer. A wooden mallet can be used to correct a tiny bent in the garage door panel. Place the mallet behind the part that has to be straightened. Then, using the hammer, softly strike the dented area.

Take care not to damage your fingers when you strike the dent with the hammer. Also, avoid using too much force, since this will exacerbate the dent. When the top panel of the garage door is bent, pay closer attention. It will necessitate climbing a ladder to reach the summit.

Using a hammer to straighten the dent should only be used as a last resort. Using too much force may exacerbate the crack. Even if the dent is removed, the area is already compromised, therefore another bend will most likely occur in the same location.

3. Apply Suction Cups

Suction cups are another option for repairing a damaged garage door panel. This is one of the more recent strategies employed by experts. It is very effective for tiny dents. Suction tools may be useful if your door is entirely constructed of metal.

The suction tools are put on the dented portion of the panel, and the pressure straightens the damaged segment. Keep in mind that this only works for minor dents and would be useful if your car collided with the garage door panel. This method has the advantage of only taking a few minutes to finish the task.

4. Apply Heat to Remove the Dent

Heating and cooling a piece of metal causes it to return to its original shape. When you have metallic panels, you can apply heat to them and allow them to cool in a straight position. This permits the dent to be removed. Aluminium foil will be required for this.

Place the aluminium foil on the section that has to be straightened. Then, using a heat source and compressed air, quickly heat and cool the panel. This should only take a few moments. The panel will be straightened out once more.

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