How to Activate Gmail Dark Mode on iOS and Android

How to activate Gmail Dark Mode on iOS and Android

How to activate Gmail Dark Mode on iOS and Android. The trend of dark mode shows no signs of slowing down, and Gmail is the latest app to receive the required redesign. It’s been a few months since the launch of iOS 13 and Android 10, with their system-wide dark modes, but despite being extremely popular on both operating systems, Gmail has been one of the last big apps to receive a corresponding suitable new colour scheme.

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Google started rolling out the new dark mode of Gmail back in September, advising that opening it to all users will take several weeks, but it seems that the date has finally arrived. The new option is yours to take if your phone has the current operating system.

How to activate Gmail Dark Mode on iOS and Android

To take it for a spin, first make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of Gmail (if you’re not sure, visit its site in the Google Play Store or App Store) and restart the app if it’s closed.

If you have activated the system-wide dark theme for Android 13, the app will automatically switch to its new look. Additionally, by pressing the menu icon at the top left, scrolling down and tapping’ Options,’ then’ General Settings,’ you can disable it manually. Here you can change the theme of Gmail to either the default light, dark or scheme.

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For iOS 13, the procedure is almost identical: either turn on the own dark mode of the operating system, and Gmail will automatically switch to match or tap the hamburger menu of the app, select ‘Settings, ‘then tap’ Theme ‘ and then ‘Dark.’

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