How to Clean Dog Urine from Concrete Patio?

How to Clean Dog Urine from Concrete Patio

How to Clean Dog Urine from Concrete Patio? Urine odours on concrete surfaces, such as patios and driveways, are frequently strong and difficult to eliminate. Concrete has pores. When urine falls on concrete, it binds closely to the surface as it dries, penetrating deep within its pores. This makes odour elimination very challenging.

That horrible stink stays long after the liquid has been absorbed and can last for months if not adequately addressed. To truly remove these odours, ensure that you are eradicating them rather than simply masking the smell (like many products do).

To break down and eradicate the source of the foul odours, use a cleaning product containing enzymes and live bacteria. Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator employs natural, harmless bacterial microorganisms to neutralise scents at their source.

Others may have given you well-intended suggestions on how to get rid of the noxious odours, only for the strategy to fail. Enzyme cleaning may save floors from carpets to urine-stained tile, furniture, and clothing from very old stains that have already been removed using other methods.

The only thing to avoid is combining enzyme cleaners with other compounds. This implies that if you used a basic cleaning spray or detergent, you should wait for it to dry before using enzyme cleansers.

How to Clean Dog Urine from Concrete Patio?

Use product at colder periods of the day, such as dawn or dusk, for maximum effects.

  1. Clear the area. Clear the area of any solid garbage. Keep pets away from the application area.
  2. Connect the hose. Shake the Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator bottle vigorously. Point the nozzle away from your face and connect your hose to the sprayer’s back end.
  3. Use the product. Slowly turn on the water with low to moderate water pressure. Push the protection tab forward toward the hose and push the nozzle control clockwise to “On.” Spray the area with water.
  4. Allow for a 10-minute resting period. For tough places, use a scrub brush to scrape the problematic area before allowing the product to sit for 10 minutes to infiltrate the concrete pores. During this time, avoid letting it dry since the longer it stays damp, the longer the bacteria have to decompose the organic soils. To minimise quick evaporation in windy or warmer circumstances, lightly spritz the area you’re cleaning with an extra odour eliminator.
  5. Allow to air dry. If necessary, repeat.

Note: To avoid buildup, give the concrete a brief scrub and rinse with plain water every third or fourth time you apply the solution.

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