Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone. If you have water stuck within your phone, an app, video, or website that plays certain tones capable of ejecting water will help you get it out. Let’s look at some of the finest ways to extract water from your phone utilizing sounds.

If you happen to drop your pricey smartphone or tablet into water, here’s what you should do to give yourself the best chance of preserving it.

How to get water out of Phone?

Water resistance is one of the latest smartphones’ most striking features. They’re outfitted with gaskets and seals that should keep them alive if you drop one into a puddle or the toilet, or upend a carafe of water in their proximity.

But what if you have an older, non-waterproof smartphone? What if the waterproofing is weakened due to age or damage (a broken screen or a dent in the phone or tablet’s chassis can allow water to infiltrate past any seals or gaskets)?

Before we proceed any further, it’s important to note that there are no assurances in this situation. Your item may already be beyond economical repair. You have seconds, if not minutes, to save your smartphone or tablet’s life. Here’s what you need to do to increase your chances of saving it.

Materials needed:

  • A plastic bag (any will do, but a Ziploc-style bag is preferable), the tighter the better.
  • A substance that absorbs moisture (see below).
  • A heated environment to promote drying.

Step #1: Quickly Power Off

  1. Turn it off as soon as possible.
  2. When cellphones featured removable batteries, turning the battery out was the quickest way to remove it. You don’t have that choice anymore, thus you must use the power button.
  3. Don’t assume that because your device is still operational, it isn’t damaged. Water is filthy in this way. By turning it off, you limit the possibility of an electrical short circuit irreversibly damaging your smartphone.
  4. Whereas if the phone is already turned off, leave it alone. Don’t try to power it up, charge it, or do anything else until you’ve completed the drying process.

Step #2: Dry the outside

  1. To dry the outside of the gadget, use anything you have available: a towel, a paper towel, your t-shirt, etc.
  2. Shake as much liquid as you can out of the ports.
  3. The less water on the device’s outside, the better.

Step #3: Emergency drying

  1. The drying process is now in emergency mode.
  2. Many people promote rice as a moisture-absorbing material. Unfortunately, in my testing, it was garbage, and the rice particles caused much more problems. However, many individuals have rice on hand, so if you don’t have anything else, utilise the rice until you can buy something better.
  3. What could be better than rice?
  4. Other popular household items that are excellent moisture absorbers include:
    • Packets of silica gel In a pinch, loose crystals will suffice. Simply place them in an envelope to keep them from flying around.
    • Dehumidifying Crystals: Crystals that absorb moisture. DampRid is a popular brand (fragrance-free is ideal), although they’re all practically the same and include a substance called anhydrous calcium chloride. Again, bagged crystals are preferable, but loose crystals can be used if placed in an envelope to keep them from flying everywhere.
  1. There’s not a lot of finesse here… Simply place the gadget in the bag with the moisture absorber, close it, and place it in a warm (not hot — you don’t want to damage your phone or tablet) location.

Note: If you’ve a vacuum sealer in your kitchen (which is commonly used for sous-vide cooking), you may have an advantage. Place the phone and your moisture-absorbing substance of choice in a vacuum bag and seal it shut. The partial vacuum will encourage the water to evaporate faster, allowing your gadget to dry faster and more thoroughly.

  1. If all you have is rice, use it first before going to the market to get silica gel or dehumidifying crystals. You can then replace the rice with better moisture-absorbing material and continue drying from there.
  2. When you like to be prepared for any aquatic catastrophes, you may try purchasing a couple of pre-made moisture-absorbing bags created specifically for electronics. They’re inexpensive and have a long shelf life.

Step #4: Now you have two options

  1. The first step is to wait. For the moisture-absorbing chemical you’ve chosen to complete its job, 24 hours is sufficient, but 48 hours is preferable. When you’ve had enough of waiting, cross your fingers, turn on the device, and hope for the best.
  2. Alternatively, you can use a professional smartphone drying service like Redux, which claims to have a high success record in recovering waterlogged cellphones. Redux claims an 84 percent success rate and has restored phones damaged by alcohol, mud, and even soup!

Step #5: Prevention is better than cure

Avoiding wetting your equipment in the first place has a much higher success rate than attempting to dry it out later. Even a low-cost waterproof case or backpack can save you hundreds of dollars as well as a lot of tears.

Step #6: Salt water will most likely kill your equipment

Among the worst things you can do to your smartphone is drop it in salt water (cola is a close second). Not only is salt water extremely conductive, increasing the risk of a damaging short-circuit, but it’s also quite corrosive, so even if your equipment survives the dive, corrosion damage could kill it weeks or months later.

The only sure long-term approach to rehabilitate a smartphone that has experienced salt water damage is to disassemble it, clean all of the components with a circuit board-safe solvent, and then reassemble.

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Websites or Apps to remove Water from your Smartphone.

1. Fixmyspeakers is a website that provides a water ejection feature similar to the Apple Watch. When you press the Play button, the website creates a tone that generates sound waves capable of forcing the water out of your phone’s speakers. Sound to Get Water Out of Phone.

2. Water Remove – Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

Speaker Cleaner is an iOS software that can assist you in removing water from your phone. To use Speaker Cleaner, place your phone on a surface with the screen facing down, turn up the volume, and disconnect any headsets or external speakers. Sound to Get Water Out of your Phone.

3. Minicreo Phone Cleaner

This website will help you remove water from your speakers by playing an ultra-low 165Hz high-frequency sound. Simply click “Fix My Speaker” and listen to the sound on the subsequent page. You don’t even need to download an app to eject water from your phone because this is a website.

4. Speaker Cleaner – Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

This software generates a sound that can remove water from your Android phone’s speaker. To be successful, you must set the Volume to the highest setting and put the phone with the screen facing down.

5. Sonic

The Sonic iOS app generates a sine wave tone, allowing for easy frequency customization. It’s as simple as swiping up or down on the app’s homepage. The frequency range accessible is 0-25 kHz, and you can even operate the app with your Apple Watch.

Furthermore, Sonic can run in the background while you utilise other programmes. There is also a premium version that allows you to save your favourite tone.

6. Gizmoxo

Gizmoxo is a website where you may push an Eject Water button to make the speakers on your phone sound less muffled (get water out of your phone). The button emits a series of tones that can clear any trapped water in your speakers. It employs the same sound frequencies as Apple’s smartwatch’s Eject Water function.

7. Boost Sound – Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

In 45 seconds, the Speaker Cleaner Android app can remove water from your phone’s speakers. You only need to download and install the programme, then press the Play button. This app has worked for more than 85% of people who have tried it, so it’s worth a chance.


Many iPhone and Android users have reported success with KOMA’s sound-ejecting YouTube video. To get the most out of it, turn up the volume to the maximum and watch the video till the conclusion. You can also watch the film multiple times, depending on how much water remains in the speakers.

Try to test the speakers at the end of the video, and if they still sound muffled, play the video again. If the video doesn’t work, KOMA suggests placing your phone in a tight bag of rice overnight.

9. n Beats – Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

A video from the n Beats YouTube channel plays a water-ejecting sound. Many individuals in the comments area were taken aback by the fact that it truly works. To utilise it, open the video in your phone’s YouTube app, turn up the volume to the highest setting, and let the video do its thing.

10. Tecno Play Oficial

A video on the Tecno Play Oficial YouTube channel outputs sounds waves at a specific frequency. Your phone’s speakers should sound significantly better after watching this video all the way through.


So those are some of the finest methods for getting water out of your phone. If none of these worked, you might submit your phone to the manufacturer’s service facility for inspection and maintenance.

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