How to Create and Use Word Effects in Messenger

How to Create and Use Word Effects in Messenger

How to Create and Use Word Effects in Messenger? Messenger released a slew of new features the previous year. The features are intended to improve your texting experience when using the Messenger app for iPhone and Android. Poll games, contact sharing, birthday gifting via Facebook Pay, & word effects were among the new features.

How to Create and Use Word Effects in Messenger

This tutorial will go through Word Effects and how to use them on Facebook Messenger. Word Effects is intended to enhance your communications experience by introducing new visual components. The visual components of the feature will undoubtedly make your chats more enjoyable and engaging. How to Use Word Effects in Facebook Messenger?

Meta continues to add new features for Messenger users, such as new emojis and chat themes. To improve the chatting experience, the company created an incredible feature called word effects in mid-2021.

We’ll go over word effects briefly, how they may help make your discussions more engaging, as well as how to add and remove them in Facebook Messenger. Step by Step instructions to use Word Effect Messenger 2022.

Messenger word effects

What are Word Effects in Messenger?

In a nutshell, Word Effects are a set of words/phrases that, when used in a conversation, cause emoji animations to appear all over the screen. When you send word effects in Messenger, the emoji animation that goes with it will float all over the screen.

The only takeaway here is that the chat where you’ll be employing Word Effects should have a theme. The word effects will not play if the discussion is using the default messenger theme.

Messenger also lets you make your own word effects using emojis. After designing a word effect, input and transmit the word/phrase to cover both chat displays with emoji animations.

How to Use Word Effects in Messenger?

Word Effects in Facebook Messenger are simple to utilise, but you must use the mobile app. Computers do not provide the capability. Here’s how to use Messenger’s Word Effects.

  1. First, open the chat where you wish to utilise word effects and switch to a different Messenger theme.
  2. Once altered, touch on the contact’s name at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and tap on the Word effects on the other person’s profile page.
  4. The Word effects screen displays all of the available word effects. Make a mental note of the sentences and emoticons.
  5. After taking the note, reopen the chat and text the precise words.

That’s all! This will cover your screen with floating emojis from bottom to top.

How to Create Custom Word Effects on Messenger?

As previously stated, Messenger allows you to create custom word effects for chats. Here’s how to make your own Messenger word effects.

  1. First, launch the Messenger chat with a theme.
  2. Tap on the contact’s name at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down & tap on the Word effects on the other person’s profile page.
  4. On the Word effects screen, tap the bottom text box and type in the phrases you want.
  5. Next, choose an emoji to add to the word/phrase. When finished, press the Done button.
  6. Reopen the chat and send the word you specified.

This is how you can use Messenger to apply custom word effects.

How to Delete Word Effects in Facebook Messenger?

It’s simple to remove the custom word effects you’ve set. What you must do is as follows:

  1. Open the chat room where you’re utilising a specific theme.
  2. Tap on the contact’s name at the top.
  3. Select Word effects.
  4. Swipe left just on the word effects phrase on iOS and select Delete. If you’re using Android, press and hold the word effects phrase before tapping Remove.

Note: Everyone in the chat can remove word effects, regardless of who added them.

You should now be comfortable using current word effects in the Messenger app, as well as generating your own. Use such phrases to activate the effects and make your chatting experience more enjoyable. You can be quite creative with the sentences you add, and your buddies might even laugh.

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That’s all there is to applying Word effects in the Messenger app for Android and iOS. The Word effects are a fun tool, but it does have some restrictions. You can’t use a single text to activate several word effects, and you can only use 50 custom phrases as word effects.

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