What Makes a Good Friend?

What Makes a Good Friend

What makes a good friend? Having excellent friends makes you happy, and making others happy makes you happy. I am a good friend because I am trustworthy. Consider your friendships: are you being a good friend? Are your pals being supportive of you?

What makes a good friend?

Good Friend

Good friends make you feel good

Good friends make you feel good by complimenting you, congratulating you, and expressing their joy for you.

Having a group of friends

Don’t limit yourself to just one “best friend.” Your friendship is unique, and you can share it with anyone who needs a friend! Friendships can drift apart or fall out. That is a natural aspect of existence. Having more than one friend increases the likelihood that you will be able to get support when you need it. To find new people to share friendships with, read our guide to making new friends.

Good friends support each other

If you’re low, a good buddy will be there for you. If you need assistance, a good friend will try to assist you.

Good friends don’t always have everything in common

Everyone is unique, with unique hobbies and interests. Even if you don’t like the same bands, activities, TV shows, or animals, a good friend would support you rather than make you feel terrible for loving a different band, activity, TV programme, or animal! An excellent buddy understands that you need time to yourself and appreciates doing things you have in common with you.

Good friends listen

A good friend lets you chat without interfering. They’re interested in what you’re saying.

Good friends are trustworthy

If you tell a good buddy something confidential, they will not tell anyone else. You can rely on a good buddy not to pass judgement.

Good friends handle conflict respectfully and respect boundaries

You and your buddy may occasionally disagree on something. You may have said or done something that irritated your pal at times. A good friend will inform you if you’ve done something that has caused them pain. If you inform a good buddy that they have wounded you, they will apologise and promise not to do it again.

Good friendships go both ways

It’s hardly a good friendship if one of you is constantly talking and the other is constantly listening. Instead of one buddy receiving all the compliments and the other offering them all the time, good friends help each other feel good. You’re helping each other feel terrific in a good friendship!

Friends not followers

In the digital age, you may feel pressured to have a large number of friends and followers. Remember that you only need a limited group of friends to be happy, and it’s best to reserve your most valuable (and private) thoughts and moments for people who truly care about you. I am a good acquaintance because I am Loyal.

Help! I have a bad friend!

You may discover that someone you thought was a friend has not been a good friend to you. What you can do in this case is discussed on our friendships and frenemies page.

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