How to Deactivate Facebook on Android?

How to Deactivate Facebook on Android

How to Deactivate Facebook on Android? This post will show you how to delete your Facebook account temporarily on Android. More information is available on what happens to your account when you deactivate it. Disable your Facebook account for the time being.

What Happens When You Deactivate FB?

Deactivating your account disables your profile & removes your name and profile photo from the majority of your Facebook posts. Your friends will continue to see you on their friend list and in communications you have sent them. Reactivating the account returns everything to its previous state.

You can still use Messenger after deactivating your Facebook account (see the below instructions). Friends may also invite you to events, request that you join groups, and tag you in images. Unless you turn off alerts, Facebook will continue to send them to you.

How to Deactivate Facebook on Android?

It only takes a few steps to deactivate your account, and it may be reactivated much faster. You can also have Facebook reactivate your profile automatically after one to seven days. To reactivate Facebook, simply login to the app, and make a note of your login information.

  1. Tap Menu (the three horizontal lines) on the Facebook app.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Settings & Privacy.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Personal and Account Information should be selected.
  5. Account Ownership and Control should be selected.
  6. Deactivation and deletion should be selected.
  7. Enter your password and press the Continue button.
  8. Tap Continue to account deactivation after selecting Deactivate account.
  9. Tap Continue after selecting a reason from the list.
  10. Facebook will provide alternatives to deactivating your account, as well as the ability to save posts in your archive. You can also select to have your account automatically reactivated after a certain number of days.
  11. Scroll down and hit Continue after selecting a number (1–7) or Don’t reactivate automatically.
  12. You will then have the choice to continue using Messenger and opt out of future Facebook alerts while your account is disabled. After making your selections, tap Deactivate My Account.
  13. You’ll be taken to the login page, where you’ll see a confirmation message.

You can also log out of your account using any mobile browser. Although the interface is slightly different, the process remains the same, so simply follow the steps outlined above to deactivate Facebook.

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