How to Download Offline Maps in Apple Maps in iOS 17?

How to Download Offline Maps in Apple Maps in iOS 17

How to Download Offline Maps in Apple Maps in iOS 17? Apple has included the ability to download Maps for offline usage in iOS 17, giving you access to turn-by-turn instructions and information for a specific location even if you don’t have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Continue reading to find out how it’s done.

In iOS 17, Apple Maps finally catches up to Google Maps by allowing iPhone users to download maps for offline use. You can now download a specific location of Apple Maps to your iPhone and view it while offline, complete with turn-by-turn directions for driving, walking, cycling, and taking public transport.

While offline, you may also see your projected arrival time, and browse information such as hours and ratings on place cards, and more. When an associated iPhone is turned on and in range of the smartwatch, you can even utilise downloaded Apple Maps on it.

How to Download Offline Maps in Apple Maps in iOS 17?

In iOS 17, it is simple to download a map for a specified geographical location in Apple Maps. The steps below will demonstrate how.

  1. In the Maps search field, type the name of a specific area.
  2. In the area’s information card, tap the Download button.
  3. By centring the frame, you can select the area of the map you want to download. You may change the size of the download by moving the sides and corners, and the software will tell you how much storage space you’ll need.
  4. Select Download.
Apple Maps in iOS 17

While the map is downloading, a screen will display its progress, and it will be shown in a column with any previous maps you have downloaded, with the choice to Update All or Download New Map.

You can pause a downloading map at any point by tapping the progress circle, or swipe across the map to show a Delete option. You’ll also notice the following offline map settings:

  • Download maps using Wi-Fi and Cellular, or just Wi-Fi.
  • Updates are performed automatically.
  • Optimise Storage (delete unnecessary maps automatically).
  • Use only offline maps (download maps even if you have an internet connection).

If you are currently at that place and do not have a data connection, Apple Maps will use the downloaded map. When the last option is deactivated, Maps will load real-time data such as traffic the next time the internet is available to guarantee you get the most up-to-date information.

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