How to Use Apple Health to Track Your Mood in iOS 17?

How to Use Apple Health to Track Your Mood in iOS 17

How to Use Apple Health to Track Your Mood in iOS 17? In iOS 17, Apple included the option to track your emotions on a daily basis in the Health app to provide an overall picture of your mental state. You can track your mood at various points throughout the day and input an overall mood for the day using Health app notifications or the Apple Watch.

When logging a mood, a slider bar appears with options ranging from Very Unpleasant to Neutral to Pleasant. The alternatives are colour-coded (extremely unpleasant is purple, neutral is blue, and very nice is orange), and the goal is to drag the slider to the option that best represents your current mood.

Apple then asks you what best defines the feeling and displays a range of mood-related adjectives for you to choose from. For example, the “Very Pleasant” mood contains possibilities such as Amazed, Peaceful, Joyful, and Calm. Angry, Sad, Drained, and Stressed are examples of “Very Unpleasant” moods, while Peaceful, Indifferent, and Content are examples of “Neutral” moods. You cannot enter your own adjective and must instead use one of Apple’s suggestions. There are a few dozen total alternatives, thus the goal is to just select the closest match.

After you’ve chosen a mood and an adjective to go with it, Apple will ask you what’s creating the mood. Health, fitness, family, friends, relationships, dating, weather, money, and current events are among the options, but you must select from Apple’s selection. You can, however, include background in this part, so you can explain why you chose a specific category.

How to Use Apple Health to Track Your Mood in iOS 17?

Follow the instructions below to establish your first log of your emotional state or mood in iOS 17.

  1. Select the Browse tab in the Health app, then tap Mental Wellbeing under “Health Categories.”
  2. Under “No Data Available,” select State of Mind.
  3. Select Get Started.
  4. Choose to log in. Tap Next after you’ve decided how you feel right now or how you’ve felt generally today.
  5. Tap Next after logging your emotion or mood on a scale from Very Unpleasant to Very Pleasant using the slider.
  6. Choose a word that best represents how you feel, then press Next.
  7. Choose the choice that has the most influence on you, then tap Done.

That’s the end of it. All of your records can be seen at any time by utilising the State of Mind card in the Health app’s Mental Wellbeing section.

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