How To Earn Money With Whatsapp Viral Wishing Scripts

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How To Earn Money With Whatsapp Viral Wishing Scripts. Whatsapp viral script for blogger. In this post today, I’m going to speak to you about how to earn cash in wishing legal ways that you understand Whatsapp is a very famous messenger app and everybody is using Whatsapp app this moment that Whatsapp uses 99 percent of people if you’re using Whatsapp messenger app so that you can readily earn cash in Whatsapp without any investment.

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Tips to use this script to earn cash:

  • Make a list of blogs/website rankings with the keyword “Happy New Year 2019,” “Wishes for New Year 2019,” Merry Christmas, send wishes for New Year.
  • Buy an accurate domain match or use a free domain.
  • Before the event’s 2-3 weeks, start commenting on your listing blog.
  • Place the Adsense code above and below the script.
  • See magic, when the script went viral, your website will begin getting cash.

10 Best Highest Revenue Generating Monetisation Platforms

10 Best famous ad network to use the desired script and receive high income across all networks of advertisements:

  1. Adsense
  2. Media.Net
  3. Infolinks
  4. AdsNow
  5. Start App
  6. Smarty Ads
  7. Unity Ads
  8. InMobi
  9. Millennial Media
  10. Leadbol

How to upload WhatsApp viral wishing script in blogger:

Yesterday I wrote a perfect article about how to upload the desired script to the blogger and how to get Setting to the blogger after and before uploading to the desired script so that you can check and if you don’t comprehend how to upload the desired script so that you can comment I’ll answer as soon as possible.

How To Viral Wishing Scripts:

If you want to easily desire viral script so first off all you need to 300 + Whatsapp active group connection so you can easily viral Whatsapp wishing script legally if you don’t have a 100 + Whatsapp group so you don’t care I have more than Whatsapp group connection collection if you join Whatsapp group so you check the link:

150+ New Whatsapp Group Links for Viral Wishing Script

There are two groups off Whatsapp group that I want to join Whatsapp group so you can readily click on the blue link and join Whatsapp group and you can quickly get high revenue from the viral whishing script.

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In our nation Pakistan, India, American, etc., there are so many festivals and now we all like to wish friends and families all the festivals on social media applications such as Facebook, Tweeter, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

So the craze of festival desires is increasing quickly on social media these days. With the name website or online apps, you can get lots of festival wishes. You can enter the name of the individual you wish for the festival or Christmas, and you can also choose particular pictures for the festival.

How to Earn Money from Whatsapp Festival Wishing Scripts with Name

These kinds of name-sharing Fest desires or WhatsApp festival script become very readily viral on social media, mostly on Whatsapp. Because as a chain scheme it operates. Such as these

WhatsApp Viral Message

How To Earn Money From Whatsapp Festival Wishing Scripts

Whatsapp viral script for blogger

It produces a wish with your name when you enter your name in this application or website. Like ABC that wishes Christmas to you.

It looks very superb as it has lots of customizations with specific images. So come to the main point right now. In this desired script, when you enter your name and submit it to someone you want, it sends a particular URL with your name.

When your friend or relative clicks on the connections, they will redirect to the page where ABC wishes me Happy Christmas in an attractive way.

Besides that, when your friends or relatives open the website, they get thrilled by the design of the website and the appealing look. And after that, by entering their name, they also send the festival desires URL to their parents and friends. And send friends of his own, and so on… So this chain continues to run like that. 🙂 If you Like it Then Share it.

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