How to Enable Face ID for Apps on iPhone?

How to Enable Face ID for Apps on iPhone?

How to Enable Face ID for Apps on iPhone? On the iPhone, Face ID may be used to unlock apps. When I launch my Day One journaling app, Face ID swiftly recognises me and gets me in. This eliminates the necessity for me to enter the passcode. Let’s look at how to add Face ID to apps for simpler logins.

How to Enable Face ID for Apps on iPhone?

Because Face ID is not accessible for every app, you cannot enable it for all of them. Face ID’s compatibility with an app is determined by the app’s developers and what they’ve built it to be capable of.

Face ID for Apps

Device Requirements:

  1. Works on any Face ID-capable device
  2. Requires iOS 16 or later for iPhones
  3. Requires iPadOS 16 or later for iPads

Fortunately, by following the instructions below, you can quickly determine which of your installed apps support Face ID and, if desired, enable Face ID for each app. Remember to enable Face ID in Settings before proceeding with these procedures!

On an iPhone, follow these steps to enable Face ID for apps:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Choose Face ID & Passcode.
  3. Enter the passcode for your iPhone.
  4. Choose Other Apps.
  5. Green toggles indicate which apps support Face ID.
  6. Face ID is disabled if the toggle is grey. Change the toggle to green to activate Face ID for that app.
  7. If you later download another Face ID-compatible app, you can return and add an app to Face ID. It’s also worth noting that you can enable Face ID in Notes, which means you can use Face ID on photographs hidden in the Notes app.

When you launch an enabled app, you can now sign in with your Face ID rather than typing a password or passcode each time. Is your Face ID not working? For that, we have a troubleshooting guide!

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