How to Find out how many Employees a Company has?

How to Find out how many Employees a Company has

How to Find out how many Employees a Company has? There is a multitude of reasons why you might want to know how many workers work at a given organisation, from delivering holiday cards to marketing for business. Some companies will give this information without reservation, while others will have a policy in place that states that the facts cannot be disclosed. If the information is not easily accessible, there are alternative methods for acquiring the results.

Warning: Companies may withhold information if you act suspiciously when gathering data.

Tip: Speak with the human resources department immediately for the most up-to-date information.

How to Find out how many Employees a Company has?

Step #1. Look over the company’s website

The number of employees employed by a corporation is frequently displayed on its website. Your solution is most likely to be found on the “about us” page. If there are numerous sites and you want the total number, you may need to do some adding.

Step #2. Contact the firm to Find out how many Employees a Company has

If you have a valid cause for requiring employee headcount, call the company and ask to talk with the human resources department. Explain that you are searching for an aggregate statistic rather than specific details about employees, which may appear suspicious. Depending on the company’s policies, you could also request that an annual report be faxed or sent to you.

Step #3. Speak with a company employee

If you know or have the means to contact someone who works for the company, have her get a headcount for you. If you know someone who works for a competitor or who visits the company on a frequent basis, such as the UPS driver, ask him to obtain the information.

Step #4. Make an observation about yourself

If the company is small and in your region, and you simply need a general figure, you might count the number of employees who enter and exit the specific office building during opening and closing business hours.

Step #5. Look up a company’s online database

Companies like Hoovers, Inc. keep an up-to-date database of a wide range of small and large organisations. Simply enter the name of the company you’re looking into and confirm the exact location. The search results will include the company’s contact information as well as how many workers work at the specific business.

Another possibility is to contact your local chamber of commerce. Chamber of commerce offices links the community to local companies and organisations. When a company registers for membership in its city or county’s COC, such as the Better Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce, it is usually needed to fill out an application that includes the number of employees.

Step #6. Make use of social media to Find out how many Employees a Company has

Many businesses today are keeping up with trends by creating business profiles on social media platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook. When you search for a firm name, the results will include contact information and, in certain cases, the number of staff at each company.

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