How to Fix your device is in danger iphone calendar

How to Fix your device is in danger iphone calendar

How to Fix your device is in danger iphone calendar? If strange appointments or reminders have appeared in your iPhone’s Calendar app, you may be concerned that you have an iPhone Calendar virus or that your iPhone Calendar has been hijacked. It’s more possible that you’ve been added to a third-party calendar, which is sending you unpleasant spam appointments.

How to Fix your device is in danger iphone calendar

This type of calendar is getting more common, so you are not alone in seeing these bothersome appointments show on your iPhone – in fact, Macworld staff have also been afflicted by this terrible phenomenon.

Thankfully, it should be simple to remove the iPhone Calendar Virus, which, while not technically a virus, feels like one when a slew of appointments appears on your iPhone. Here’s how to get rid of calendar spam on your iPhone – and how to avoid falling victim to this type of attack in the future.

Unfortunately, because Apple’s products are so interconnected, if you get spam in your iPhone calendar, it will invariably appear on all of your other Apple devices. The advice provided here should assist you in dealing with Calendar spam on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices.

How did the ‘iPhone calendar malware’ get into your iPhone?

Emails & text messages that carry event invitations in the form of an.ics file are the most common ways to get them onto your iPhone. Even if you decline them, this opens the door for hackers to send more invites to your calendar, which might have disastrous implications.

The first rule is to never click on any links or other active areas of the appointments. If you can, simply delete the event as usual, but you’ll almost certainly need to unsubscribe from either the calendar as well, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

We got a message via Messages from an iCloud address. We didn’t read the message, but that’s how it appeared – and because it got to the Messages app, it’s now on all of our Apple devices, which is a little frustrating!

Others have got a DHL spam text with a link asking them to trace a parcel. Of course, by clicking on the link, users subscribe to a calendar that fills their iPhone with appointments for things like important threats and other warnings.

We’ve also heard from friends and relatives who are anxious about appointments reminding them to protect their gadgets. For instance, they may see a: “Your iPhone may not be secured! The message “Click to defend it!” The message is followed by a link; under no situation should you click on the link!

Instructions to Fix your device is in danger iphone calendar

The best advice for any such text or email is to regard it like you would phishing emails, which attempt to deceive you into disclosing personal information. Other than deleting them, don’t interact with the appointments.

To delete an appointment that arrived via text message in the Messages app, slide from right to left and select Delete. Your iPhone may then prompt you to Report Junk, which we recommend you do.

Then proceed with the next steps.

How to delete calendar virus spam on iPhone

What can you do if a slew of appointments appears on your iPhone? How can you remove iPhone calendar spam?

One approach is to take the following steps:

  1. Launch the Apple Calendar application.
  2. At the bottom of the page, select Calendars.
  3. Look for any that you are unfamiliar with. When you’ve found it, tap the red circle with an I within to see the information screen.
  4. Lastly, scroll down to the panel’s bottom until you see the Delete Calendar option. Select this, and perhaps the annoying invites will stop.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, proceed to the next step…

How to delete spam calendars from iPhone Settings

Whenever you continue to receive spam invites, the bothersome calendar may have a subscription set up on your iPhone. It is simple to remove this.

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Go to Calendar > Accounts.
  3. Tap the Subscribed Calendars option when you find it.
  4. Find and select any unwanted calendars, then press the Delete Account option.

This seems to be all you need to do to get rid of the erroneous appointments and reminders in your calendar.

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