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How to Fold Dress Shirts for Travel?

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How to Fold Dress Shirts for Travel

How to Fold Dress Shirts for Travel? If you’re carrying a dress shirt for a trip, it’s probably for an occasion where polished, professional attire is required. It’s a great pain to whip out the hotel iron and smooth out every shirt for travel after a particularly long flight.

How to Fold Dress Shirts for Travel?

Of course, you might try the traditional trick of hanging them in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. However, if you haven’t tried it yet, here’s a spoiler: it’s not great for shirt folding. In reality, it’s just somewhat better than patting your shirt down during the day and hoping the wrinkles go. Here’s how to fold dress shirts properly for travel.

Fold Dress Shirts

1. Make a plan to Fold Dress Shirts for Travel

Make sure your shirt is nice and flat. Do not attempt this on your bed, couch, or any other uneven surface. Smooth out any wrinkles and ensure that your dress shirt is even on all sides, including the collar.

2. First, button it

Make sure your dress shirt is wrinkle-free before folding and packing it. The best method to do this is to close it. Don’t cut corners and only do a few buttons. Button it all of the way up from the bottom to the top.

3. Start folding to Fold Dress Shirts for Travel

Your dress shirt has been prepared, and it is now time to fold it. Begin with your shirt’s arms. Begin with one sleeve, being careful to keep it straight. Fold it right along the crease where the shoulder is.

4. Make a few more folds

Fold your dress shirt’s sleeve diagonally, then in half again. The sleeve cuff should still be diagonal and aligned up with the shirt collar at this point.

5. Repeat

The phrase “repeat the process” refers to the process of repeating itself. It may appear laborious, but it will preserve your dress shirts in good condition while you are travelling.

Another method for folding the sleeves is, to begin with, the shirt buttons pointing downward (toward your folding surface). The procedure is fairly identical to the first, but this time you’ll fold each sleeve diagonally over the width of your dress shirt.

Place one sleeve diagonally across the other, making sure it’s straight and wrinkle-free. Then, make sure the creases on the sleeves are ‘tight,’ starting around the collar.

Whatever approach you pick for dealing with sleeves, the next stages are nearly the same. Then, starting at the bottom of your shirt, begin your next fold.

Using both hands will ensure that the folds are even and creases are avoided. Fold the shirt bottom upward, toward the collar. Fold the garment in half at this point.

If you’re wearing a shorter dress shirt, you can skip this step. Fold it again if you’re folding a longer dress shirt (or if you’re extremely low on space). Keep your folds even if you fold them again. To keep your shirt looking pressed, align them up with each other.


Packing is a hated task, but it’s not as bad as hoping the hotel iron doesn’t burn your best dress shirt. However, there are some things you should roll if you want to be more organised and possibly save room.

To properly fold a dress shirt, you may need to take more steps than you thought possible. Don’t worry, it’s actually fairly straightforward once you get the feel of it. If you’re concerned that you’re taking longer than a dress shirt deserves, keep in mind that ironing is optional.

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