How to Make a Picture less than 4mb on iPhone?

How to Make a Picture less than 4mb on iPhone

How to Make a Picture less than 4mb on iPhone? Learn how to compress and minimise the file size of your images on iPhone 14 Pro Max, 13 Series, 12, 11, X, and Older. You may use the Compress Photos app to reduce the size of PNG, JPEG, and HEIF images and free up storage space on your iPhone.

Despite the fact that storage space is becoming increasingly affordable, it appears that we continue to require and desire more and more. This is especially true if you have a 16GB iPhone. If that’s the case, storage becomes much more valuable, and you should make every MB count.

Photos, along with music and videos, are perhaps the most infamous storage hogs on your iPhone. I know mine has nearly 20 GB of photographs alone. If you find yourself in the same predicament and wish to free up some storage space on your iPhone, one solution is to reduce the file size of your iPhone images.

There is, as usual, an app for that. Actually, we invented our own! The Compress Photos app’s sole goal is to reduce the file size of PNG, JPEG, and HEIF photographs while preserving their original dimensions unless you specify differently.

Reasons to change the photo file size

  • You may save a lot of storage space on your device by downsizing your images. Because iPhones and iPads do not have expandable memory, this is extremely useful.
  • Making your photographs smaller also helps when sending them via email or sharing them with others through messaging apps.
  • When uploading to specific sites, you may additionally need to reduce the file size of your photograph.

In this post, I’ll show you how to compress photos on your iPhone using Compress Photos to free up some storage space on your device.

How to Make a Picture less than 4mb on iPhone?

Before we begin, it should be mentioned that while Compress Photos will reduce the file size of photos and can reduce the actual dimensions of the photos, this is not the app’s primary goal. If that’s what you’re after, see our instructions on how to resize an image on your iPhone. Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Picture Less than 4mb on iPhone:

  1. Get Compress Photos from the App Store for free.
  2. Open the app and select Select Photos to Compress. It will display all of the photo albums on your device. Open an album and choose one or more photos to compress, then tap Next.
  3. At this point, you can adjust the level of compression. You can choose between two compression levels: image quality and image dimensions. The lower the quality level, the more you want to compress a photo file size. Similarly, you can select to lower the size of photographs to reduce their file size.
  4. For the sake of this post, I lowered the image quality to 75% and reduced the file size to 80% of its actual size.
  5. At the bottom, press the Compress button. The programme will work its magic to reduce the size of your photo files. The more photographs you have to process, the longer it will take. In my experience, the programme compressed each image extremely quickly, although your mileage may vary.
  6. When the programme has done processing the images, they will be stored in your Camera Roll. Pictures will also be added to an automatically formed album named Compressed Photos, making it easy to find them.
  7. You can now remove original images to free up space on your device. Depending on your requirements, you can choose this option or press Keep N Originals.

Benefits of Compressing Your Pictures

Reduce the file size of your images to save a lot of space on your device. Of course, in order to preserve that space, you must remove the original photographs and empty the folder containing deleted photos. Also, keep in mind that the smaller the file size of a picture, the poorer the quality of the image.

In one case, below are the sizes of these three photographs before and after they were shrunk:

  • Photo 1 was 2.5 MB, now 175 KB
  • Photo 2 was 2.1 MB, now 273 KB
  • Photo 3 was 1.9 MB, now 207 KB

In my experience with Compress Photos, I haven’t detected any evident loss of quality, but if you have a keen eye for these kinds of things, it might make a difference to you, especially when the compression quality is reduced. Check out iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Tips.

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