How to Remove Acrotray.exe Virus?

How to Remove Acrotray.exe Virus

How to Remove acrotray.exe Virus? Adobe Acrobat is a piece of software that allows users to browse, produce, alter, print, and manage PDF files. It is utilised in a range of industries such as business, information technology, administrative services, and educational documentation. Users will, however, receive a software component called AcroTray when they install Adobe Acrobat. This software will load automatically on startup and will not be used. How to Disable Acrotray.exe Virus?

What is Acrotray.exe?


AcroTray is a genuine process file called acrotray.exe. It is linked to Adobe Acrobat (version 8 Professional) software by Adobe Systems. By default, it is located in C:\Program Files. Malware programmers generate files containing viral scripts and name them after acrotray.exe in order to disseminate the acrotray infection across the internet.

Affected OS: Windows

How to check if your computer is infected with acrotray.exe malware?

To identify whether your computer is infected by acrotray.exe malware, look for the following symptoms:

  1. The internet connection varies.
  2. acrotray.exe consumes too much CPU space, causing the PC to substantially slow down.
  3. The browser sends you to some irrelevant websites.
  4. Unwanted advertisements and popups begin to surface.
  5. The screen frequently freezes.

To check your computer for an acrotray.exe malware assault, use the following steps:

Step #1: To launch Task Manager, press CTRL+ALT+DEL at the same time.

Step #2: If you find the file outside of C:\Program Files, you should perform an antivirus check to remove the infection.

How to Remove acrotray.exe Virus?

  1. Download our award-winning antivirus software for free.
  2. The installation setup frames will be shown. Choose the configuration you want to use.
  3. After network detection is complete, close the scan window by using the “Close” button.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Comodo Internet Security will take some time to update the antivirus.
  6. Continue with the fast scan that starts automatically after the upgrade.
  7. If any dangers are discovered while scanning, you will be alerted with an alert screen.
  8. Antivirus will eliminate the acrotray.exe malware as well as any other viruses from your computer!

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