How to Use Advanced Google Search Commands?

How to Use Advanced Google Search Commands

How to Use Advanced Google Search Commands? Narrow your searches, delve deeper, and get precise results. Google can also be used in a variety of other ways. Many sophisticated search algorithms are beneficial and simple to employ. Use search commands to acquire the results you want while avoiding showing irrelevant stuff. All of these little-known Google search operators are listed below.

Advanced Commands for Google Search

It’s simple to combine these hidden Google search operators with your standard search keywords. You’ll see in the examples below that it’s really just a matter of making little tweaks to go deeper and locate what you’re looking for.

Search operatorWhat it doesExample
“ ”Search for results that mention a word or phrase.“steve jobs”
ORSearch for results related to X or Y. jobs OR gates
|Same as OR:jobs | gates
ANDSearch for results related to X and Y. jobs AND gates
Search for results that don’t mention a word or -apple
*Wildcard matching any word or phrase.steve * apple 
( )Group multiple searches.(ipad OR iphone) apple
define:Search for the definition of a word or phrase. define:entrepreneur
cache:Find the most recent cache of a
filetype:Search for particular types of files (e.g., PDF).apple filetype:pdf
ext: Same as filetype:apple ext:pdf
site:Search for results from a particular
related:Search for sites related to a given
intitle:Search for pages with a particular word in the title tag.intitle:apple
allintitle:Search for pages with multiple words in the title tag. allintitle:apple iphone
inurl:Search for pages with a particular word in the URL. inurl:apple
allinurl:Search for pages with multiple words in the URL. allinurl:apple iphone
intext:Search for pages with a particular word in their content.intext:apple iphone
allintext:Search for pages with multiple words in their content.allintext:apple iphone
weather:Search for the weather in a location. weather:san francisco
stocks:Search for stock information for a ticker.stocks:aapl
map:Force Google to show map valley
movie:Search for information about a jobs
inConvert one unit to another.$329 in GBP
source:Search for results from a particular source in Google source:the_verge
before:Search for results from before a particular before:2007-06-29
after:Search for results from after a particular after:2007-06-29

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Cheat Sheet for Google Search Operators

This and ThatiPhone dealsSearch all words: iPhone and deals; similar to using AND between the terms
This or Thatsailing OR boatingSearch sailing or boating
Exact Match“love me tender”Search this phrase as a whole
Exclude Wordsprinter -cartridgeSearch printer but hide results that include cartridge
Definitionsdefine:serendipityDefinitions for serendipity
Partial Searchsan * californiaSearch all words but allow for another word between them
Percentage50% of 10050
Power/Exponent4^18Calculates 4 to the power of 18, returns 68719476736
Unit Conversion45 Celsius in FahrenheitHow 45 Celsius is expressed in Fahrenheit, returns 113; also works with currencies, weight, distance, and more
Domain “best phone”Search for “best phone”
News Sourcetesla source:lifewireSearch Google News for Tesla, but prioritize results from Lifewire
Search a Range“Android phone” $300..$500Search “Android phone” but only show results where the price ranges from $300-$500; also works for dates and other numbers
Before a Datebefore:2000-01-15 internetSearch for articles that mention internet published before a certain date.
After a Dateafter:2021-01-15 internetSearch for articles that mention internet published after a certain date.
Cache Searchcache:lifewire.comThe latest cached version of
Filetype Searchfiletype:pptx zoologySearch all PPTX files that include the word zoology (not all file extensions are supported)
Map Searchmap:pie townForce Google to show map results for a location
Weather Searchweather:new york citySearch for location-specific weather
Stock Searchstocks:msftSearch for stock information with a stock symbol/ticker
Title Searchtitle:runningSearch for pages with running in the title; use allintitle to search multiple words
URL Searchinurl:chewbaccaSearch for pages that include chewbacca in the URL; use allinurl to search multiple words
Body Text Searchintext:parlorSearch for pages that include parlor in the body of the page (won’t return pages that include the search in the title or URL but not the body); use allintext to search multiple words
Words by Proximitytech AROUND(3) androidSearch tech and android, but only show results where the terms are within three words of each other
Related Sitesrelated:engadget.comFind websites that have similar content as another one
Group Multiple Searches(ice OR snow) weatherGroup multiple searches

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