How to Use USB Helper with Cemu?

How to Use USB Helper with Cemu

How to Use USB Helper with Cemu? Cemu, the popular Wii U emulator, allows gamers to enjoy their favourite console games on their PCs. To enhance the gaming experience, many users turn to USB Helper, a powerful tool that simplifies game installation and management. This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how to use USB Helper with Cemu, enabling you to effortlessly download, install, and play Wii U games on your computer.

How to Use USB Helper with Cemu?

Step #1. Understanding USB Helper and Cemu:

USB Helper is a versatile software designed to simplify the process of downloading and managing games, updates, and DLCs for various platforms, including Wii U. Cemu, on the other hand, is an emulator that replicates the Wii U’s functionality on a PC. By combining these two powerful tools, gamers can access a vast library of games and efficiently manage their collection.

Step #2. Downloading and Installing USB Helper:

To begin, visit the official USB Helper website and download the software onto your computer. Follow the provided instructions to complete the installation process. Once installed, launch the program to begin exploring its features.

Step #3. Setting up USB Helper:

Upon launching USB Helper, you’ll be prompted to set up the program by entering your login credentials for a Nintendo account. This step is necessary to access and download games legally. If you don’t have a Nintendo account, create one on the official Nintendo website. Once logged in, you can configure various settings, such as preferred download locations and language preferences.

Step #4. Browsing and Downloading Games:

USB Helper provides a user-friendly interface where you can browse and search for Wii U games. You can filter games by genre, popularity, or release date to find your desired titles. Select a game from the available options and click on the “Download” button. USB Helper will retrieve the game files and associated updates automatically.

Step #5. Managing Game Updates and DLCs:

USB Helper excels in managing game updates and downloadable content (DLC). It automatically detects updates for your downloaded games and allows you to install them with a single click. Additionally, you can access the DLC section within USB Helper to browse and download additional content for your games, further enhancing your gaming experience.

Step #6. Configuring Cemu for USB Helper:

Launch Cemu, the Wii U emulator, on your PC. In the emulator settings, navigate to the “Options” menu and select “Configure Game Paths.” Here, set the game path to the directory where USB Helper saves your downloaded games. Once configured, Cemu will recognize and display the downloaded games within its interface, ready to be played.

Step #7. Launching Games with Cemu:

To play a game using Cemu, simply select the desired title from the Cemu interface and click on the “Play” button. Cemu will initiate the emulation process, loading the game and replicating the Wii U environment on your PC. Ensure that you have the necessary system requirements for optimal performance.


USB Helper, when combined with Cemu, offers gamers a convenient and efficient way to manage their Wii U game library. By following this step-by-step guide, you can easily set up USB Helper, download games, manage updates and DLCs, and seamlessly play your favourite titles using Cemu. Enjoy an enhanced gaming experience, reliving nostalgic Wii U memories on your PC. Embrace the power of USB Helper and Cemu to unlock a vast world of gaming possibilities.

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