iPhone Secret Codes List 2024

iPhone Secret Codes List

iPhone Secret Codes List 2024. These codes are always essential to have on hand because they allow you to perform things even more efficiently and without trouble! iPhone secret codes unlock iCloud. These codes are used not only by Apple but by many other top mobile phone manufacturers to facilitate self-diagnosis and troubleshooting. iPhone secret codes and hacks.

Do you know that the iPhone includes several hidden codes that can be used to perform various tasks? The secret codes for each smartphone are acquired from the manufacturer. It can be tough to track down and use all of the hidden codes. This article will go over some of the coolest iPhone hidden codes you should be aware of.

You’re probably wondering what all these iPhone secret codes mean. And how come you have no idea if they exist and are so rare? These iPhone hacks and secret codes are sometimes known as access codes, hidden menus, or hidden codes. These iPhone secret codes can be sensitive and contain information that is worthless and unworthy of a simple user. Although some of these iPhone secret codes may be useful to you, not all of them. The article covers a list of iPhone secret codes.

iPhone Secret Codes List

Use the Call forwarding code of the iPhone*#67#
Call the control bars.*#33#
Edit Call forwarding on iPhone*#21#
Check the number of missed calls.*#61#
Verification code of call forwarding*#62#
Check the SMS Center of the iPhone.*#5005*7672#
Barring code of iPhone*331*
Call Waiting Status on iPhone.*#43#
Activate the Call Waiting option*43#
Deactivate the Call Waiting option#43#
Postpaid Available time code for iPhone*646#
Hidden Code for checking the bill balance*225#
Code for checking account balance*777#
General Information about iPhone*3282#
IMEI Code of iPhone*#06#
Hide Your mobile number Number*#31#

You may now forward a call yourself, and you can even hide your caller ID. Doesn’t it seem eerie? It is, indeed. However, the user must exercise extreme caution when attempting to access the iPhone secret menu. Because if you press a sensitive dial, you may lose your data as well as your iPhone settings.

iPhone Secret Codes pdf

These codes are valid for all Apple iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, 12, 11, X and iPhone XS.

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