How to link Spotify on Windows 11 with focus sessions

How to link Spotify on Windows 11 with focus sessions

How to link Spotify on Windows 11 with focus sessions. You may be aware of the Focus Sessions if you use Windows 11. Focus Sessions is a special feature of Windows 11 which provides a number of tools for improving focus and productivity. Focus Session is not an independent app; it’s an incorporated element of the Windows 11 Clock app. You get a Focus Timer, Focus with Spotify function, Microsoft To-Do list connection, and more with Focus Sessions.

Spotify on Windows with focus sessions

I appreciated the focus sessions since they helped me live in the building. You will find this new gadget helpful if you are a heavy procrastinator. You can even set a daily objective to avoid breaking your streak. Spotify Integration is another wonderful feature you will notice. The Focus Sessions feature helps users focus together with Spotify background music.


How to link Spotify on Windows 11 with focus sessions

Though there are many users who don’t know how to use the features on the Focus Session. So we’ll give a step-by-step method in this article on how we integrate the Spotify accounts with Windows 11 Focus Sessions. Let’s check out. Let’s just check out.

  1. Open your computer using the Clock app first of all. Step 1.
  2. The Focus Sessions feature is available on the Clock app.
  3. You must click the ‘Sotify’ button under Spotify.
  4. Click the Link your Spotify button once it is installed, as displayed in the below screen photo.
  5. Now you need the username and password of Spotify to register.
  6. You can directly play Spotify music at the Focus Sessions once you have done so.

That’s it! You’re done. Spotify will be showing you several areas in which you will perform music, such as Instrumental Studies, Deep Focus, Hard Piano, etc. This guide deals with how Spotify can be set up and used with focus sessions. I hope you’ve been aided by this content! Share it also with your friends, please. Also, let us know in the Comment Box below if you have any doubts about this.

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