Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers 2022

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers 2022. On days when the weather is great, I like to have a list of basic outdoor activities that I can put together fast. All of these outdoor games are simple to put up and use supplies that you most likely already have around the house (or you could get easily).

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers 2022

Nothing makes me happier than a well-organized themed list! These outdoor activities are divided into five categories so you can quickly browse the list and locate the type of concept you’re looking for.

  • Water play
  • Sensory play
  • Science activities
  • Simple action art
  • Movement activities

Scroll to the bottom of the activity that piques your interest and click on the title to access the full tutorial! For this fantastic collection of outdoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers, I gathered activity ideas from several of my most creative pals!

These outdoor activities are not only enjoyable for the children, but they are also educational and beneficial to their physical and mental health. These activities can be done in your own backyard, on a walk around the neighbourhood, or on a nature trail—the choice is yours. Although if you only have a small outdoor space, there are numerous ways to spend time outside with your children.

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Being cooped up indoors is challenging for small children who need to get their wiggles out. That’s why we’ve compiled an outstanding list of 30 exciting outdoor activities for kids that promote mobility, creative thinking, problem-solving, coordination, and much more!

  1. Sponge Water Bombs
  2. Bug Scavenger Hunt
  3. Squirt Gun Painting
  4. Colours of Nature Scavenger Hunt
  5. Telling Time Outdoor Clock
  6. Outdoor Number Hunt
  7. Frozen Ocean Sensory Bin
  8. Journey Stick Craft
  9. Cloud Viewer
  10. Printable Nature Journal
  11. Backyard Dinosaur World
  12. Wacky Walk
  13. What Lives in Dirt?
  14. Scooter Maze
  15. Mud Kitchen
  16. Nature Paintbrushes
  17. Bubble Snake Blowers
  18. Finding North
  19. Puffy Sidewalk Paint
  20. Fairy Houses
  21. Nature Wands
  22. Climb a Tree
  23. Backyard Chalk Twister
  24. Rock Maze
  25. Shadow Art
  26. Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course
  27. Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Math Game
  28. Rock Balancing Stone Stacking Art
  29. Painting with Water
  30. Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint

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