Don’t Install the Google Bard App; it contains malware

Don't Install the Google Bard App; it contains malware

Don’t Install the Google Bard App; it contains malware. Scammers are using Bard, a generative AI tool developed by Google, to infect unwary users with harmful malware and steal their login information.

Although Google has filed a lawsuit to combat the spyware, the scammers are still active, which is why you should avoid downloading anything that looks like a “Google Bard app.” It is malware that is ready to infiltrate your device.

What is Google Bard?

Google Bard, Google’s counterpart to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, was released in March 2023. While it provides similar functionality, it does not perform as well as ChatGPT, which scammers have been using to infect devices with malware.

Google Bard can be used in a variety of ways. You may ask Google Bard to explain how something works, give you project ideas, or even create code for you.

The main difficulty is that Google Bard can only be accessed through browsers and requires a Google account. So, don’t be lured to install a Google Bard-branded program, as it’s malware that Google is suing to remove.

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Why You Shouldn’t Install Google Bard?

Google revealed on its official blog, The Keyword, on November 13, 2023, that it is initiating a lawsuit and pursuing legal action against scammers located in Vietnam.

Scammers set up social network accounts with names like Google AI and AI.Google, Facebook, and AIGoogleBard aired adverts enticing people to download the Google Bard app.

The download, however, contains malware that compromises a user’s social network login credentials, which criminals exploit to take over accounts and propagate malware adverts. It is uncertain how many individuals downloaded the malicious Google Bard version.

Scammers exploit Google trademarks such as Google, Google AI, and Bard to deceive consumers, claiming to offer the latest version of Google Bard for unwary customers to download.

The thieves, who have no affiliation with Google, exploited Facebook posts explicitly to distribute their software. For example, scammers claim their version of Bard is a premium programme that must be downloaded, despite the fact that Google Bard is free to use and does not require a download.

Google has already filed 300 takedown requests against these scammers since April 2023, and they want them barred from registering new harmful names and barred from using US domain registrars. Google expects that taking appropriate legal action and working with government officials would uncover scammers and foster a safe internet environment for users.

Final Words

Think cautiously before installing an app version of Google Bard that you saw offered on Facebook; it’s malware.

At the time of writing, there is no app version of Google Bard, so users should stick to the free web-based version until Google officially launches an app. Until then, use the web-based version and always verify the reliability of the source before downloading or installing any program.

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