Faculty and staff can now access Google Bard

Faculty and staff can now access Google Bard

Faculty and staff can now access Google Bard. Faculty and staff can now use Bard, Google’s conversational AI (artificial intelligence) tool. You can ask Bard a question by providing an input, and it will respond with an answer or output, just like other AI chatbots.

Faculty and staff can now access Google Bard

Bard, on the other hand, is a little different in that it responds by using information from the internet. Bard can export work to Google Docs or Gmail as part of Google Workspace.

When utilised correctly, Bard and other AI technologies may assist with a wide range of tasks. However, because it may provide wrong or unsuitable information, it is critical to evaluate generated content using other trustworthy resources. Enter no confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information, or any other information that should not be exposed to unauthorised third parties. For example, FERPA protects student education records, and data relating to human subjects research may not be entered into any AI tool, including Bard.

Likewise, all personnel must protect institutional data as well as the intellectual property rights of the University, its partners, and sponsors. All other University policies apply, just as they do with other technology at Boise State. Contact your supervisor if you are unsure whether Bard or other AI technologies can or should be used for a project or activity.

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