Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E are available

Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E are available

Finally, in the UK, Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E are available. The Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E fitness trackers are last on sale in the UK nearly four months after launching alongside the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

We always realized it would be a lengthy wait for these appliances as the firm said they would be accessible later in 2019, and both are now on sale with quite distinct price tags at Argos.

Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E

The Gear Fit E is Argos ‘ exclusive product for the foreseeable future. The Gear Fit is exclusive to the retailer, but we haven’t seen it listed in any other shops. Both phones are also being sold in their own shops in Samsung.

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With a waterproof design, automatic fitness monitoring, some notifications, and NFC onboard for mobile payments, the Gear Fit has an extremely comparable spec to the Fitbit Inspire HR.

However, the Gear Fit E is far less packed function missing on a lot of that function, but it still comes with a heart rate monitor and a swim-proof design that can deal with a multitude of exercises.

We still have to fully test this equipment out, but in the near future, we hope to get some in for our complete review process. Neither is set to tackle the top-end market that still includes the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, but we have high hopes of what they can offer to compete with Xiaomi and Fitbit.

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