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How to Fix Apple Watch SE Battery Draining so Fast?

by Ahsan MuGhaL
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How to Fix Apple Watch SE Battery Draining so Fast

How to Fix Apple Watch SE Battery Draining so Fast? When a significant operating system update is released, some people say that the batteries in their Apple equipment drain faster than before they installed it. Apple has acknowledged several issues in this area. They had to provide new battery rebates for the iPhone 6 some years ago. They have worked hard to correct this problem since then.

In many ways, the Apple Watch outperforms its competition, but not in terms of battery life. The best-selling smartwatch hasn’t altered much in terms of hardware since its launch six years ago. From Series 1 to Series 6, their appearance is nearly identical, as is their battery life – 18 hours.

In general, smartphone batteries are weak, and some users may find the Apple Watch’s battery life to be significantly insufficient, especially given how difficult it is to acquire all 18 hours of battery life.

What is the Battery Life of the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch, regardless of Series, has an all-day battery life, according to the Cupertino-based tech giant, allowing you to check the time, receive notifications, play music, work out, and so on. In truth, battery life varies according to settings, user behaviours, and even the Apple Watch model.

How to Fix Apple Watch SE Battery Draining so Fast?

Apple Watches have significantly limited battery life when compared to rival smartwatches. Nonetheless, you want to receive the whole amount advertised. If your Apple Watch battery is rapidly dwindling, you will undoubtedly want to resolve the problem. Continue reading to learn how to do so. Here is the list of the 15 Methods to Fix the Apple Watch SE Battery Draining so Fast:

Apple Watch SE Battery Drain
Apple Watch SE Battery Drain

Method #1. Restart Apple Watch

Periodic reboots are beneficial to all digital devices. You can fast restart your Apple Watch by doing the following:

  1. By simultaneously pressing and holding the Digital Crown and the Side button.
  2. Continue to hold them until the Apple logo displays on the screen.
  3. Let go of the buttons.

Method #2. Adjust Brightness to Fix Apple Watch SE Battery Drain

The Apple Watch’s battery life is affected by the same factors that affect the battery life of your iPhone. Unless you’re using your Apple Watch in direct sunlight, there’s no need to adjust the screen brightness to 100%.

Method #3. Disable Always On Display on Apple Watch

The display is one of the most significant drains on your Apple Watch battery. The longer your watch screen is turned on, the faster your battery will drain.

When you have an Apple Watch Series 7 or later, Always On mode will be enabled by default. This mode ensures that the time, as well as your watch face or most recently used app, is always shown on your Apple Watch. Although the screen dims slightly when your wrist is down, it still consumes more battery than a blank screen.

You can extend battery life by turning off the Always On mode or adjusting the settings slightly.

To disable the Always On display on your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Display & Brightness.
  3. Choose Always On.
  4. Toggle the switch to the Off position to turn off Always On.
  5. If you wish to keep Always On but minimise the quantity of information displayed by your Apple Watch, select one of the choices under Wrist Down.
  6. You can select whether that type of information will appear on your watch face when your wrist is down for each choice. Turning these off may aid in lowering battery drain.

Method #4. Make Use Of A Darker Watch Face

Because all of the LEDs are turned off, black pixels consume the least amount of electricity on OLED screens. White, on the other hand, consumes the greatest energy because LEDs must be illuminated. Using a darker, simpler watch face will help extend the battery life of your Apple Watch SE.

Method #5. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cellular Radios Drain Battery

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are standard on all Apple Watches. LTE-enabled Apple Watches are available with the Apple Watch Series 3 and all subsequent variants. All of these modes of connectivity (also known as radios) consume a significant amount of battery power, particularly cellular connections.

You should turn off your LTE connection unless absolutely required. Otherwise, connecting to cell towers all the time would quickly deplete your battery life.

Disabling your device’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections will save you even more battery life. You may accomplish this by activating Aeroplane Mode on your watch.

Method #6. Using Your Apple Watch to Stream Music

Streaming music on your Apple Watch depletes your battery quickly. Because the Apple Watch contains 8-16 GB of storage, you can save battery life by downloading songs and listening to them that way.

  1. On your iPhone, launch the Watch app.
  2. Select the My Watch option.
  3. Select Music.
  4. Music from Playlists and Albums can be added. You may also search your library directly and press to add songs.

Method #7. Update and Sync Problems

iOS updates are the single most common cause of Apple Watch battery drain problems. From lost connections to rogue processes, un-pairing and re-pairing your Apple Watch can restore normalcy.

  1. Open the Watch app from the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. At the top of the screen, tap on your Apple Watch.
  3. Tap the Information button (which resembles an “i” with a circle around it).
  4. Unpair your Apple Watch.
  5. Tap Unpair Apple Watch one again to confirm.

You can also unpair the Apple Watch directly:

  1. To access the app launcher, use the Digital Crown.
  2. Choose the Settings app.
  3. Select General.
  4. At the bottom, press the Reset button. Don’t worry; you can reload all of your previous sync data.
  5. Erasing All Content and Settings is the final option.
  6. To confirm, enter your Passcode.

Method #8. Additional Applications

Apple optimises its apps to operate optimally on the Apple Watch. This means that radios will not broadcast any more data than is absolutely necessary. Other apps are less effective. Disable any apps you don’t use on a daily basis in the Apple Watch App.

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Method #9. Exercise Mode to Fix Apple Watch SE Battery Draining

If you work out with your Apple Watch, Power Saving Mode is a terrific method to save battery life. It disables the heart rate sensor, but it also reduces the accuracy with which calories are burned. Most gyms, thankfully, have these metrics embedded into their exercise machines. They’re almost as precise as the sensors in your Apple Watch.

Go to the Settings app on your Apple Watch to enable Power Saving Mode for the Workout app. Select General, then Workout. Turn on the Power Saving Mode switch. After you’ve finished, make sure to turn off the Workout function. This feature may occasionally remain enabled on your Apple Watch, consuming additional battery life.

Method #10. Background app refresh is draining your battery

Background App Refresh ensures that your Apple Watch always has up-to-date information. You can do the same thing with apps on your iPhone.

This can have a major impact on battery life. In this mode, your watch broadcasts and receives data constantly and activates the radios. You can disable this function totally or use it only on particular apps.

  1. Launch the iPhone Watch app.
  2. Go to the “My Watch” page and select “General.”
  3. Click on “Background App Refresh.”
  4. Either disable the feature or pick specific apps to ensure that only the most important ones are automatically renewed.

Method #11. Notifications That Aren’t Necessary

One of the best features of the Apple Watch is the ability to get notifications. They do, however, light up your screen and activate the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionalities, consuming your battery.

Launch the Apple Watch app and disable any unnecessary alerts. Keep what is important to you, such as your Phone, Calendar, and Messages, and leave the rest for your iPhone.

Method #12. Update watchOS to Fix Apple Watch SE Battery Draining

Apple releases updated software operating systems for the Apple Watch on a regular basis, introducing new capabilities or resolving minor flaws. WatchOS 7, which will be released in September 2020, is said to have caused severe battery drain in some Apple Watch SE owners.

Fortunately, Apple has recently published updates to solve this problem. If you are hesitant to update the software, you may now do it without worrying about your battery. After all, watchOS 7 includes a slew of new functions and is compatible with the Apple Watch SE.

Method #13. Resetting and Restoring

If all else fails to enhance your Apple Watch’s battery life, you can reset it to factory settings. This will clear all of your settings and stuff, including apps, music, and workout history.

This is like starting over with your phone, so make a backup with iCloud beforehand. Your Apple Watch will automatically backup to the iPhone with which it is linked. If your watch and iPhone are close to one other, a backup should happen automatically.

To reset your Apple Watch to factory settings, launch the Settings app and select General. Then, select Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings.

Method #14. Turn On Reduce Motion to Fix Apple Watch SE Battery Draining

While the only thing moving on an analogue watch face is the hands, the digital screen on an Apple Watch is significantly more dynamic, such as when you move the screen to access icons. Every action on your screen consumes electricity and battery life. When Reduce Motion is enabled, screen movements are restricted, saving some energy but not much.

Method #15. Turn Off Siri to Fix Apple Watch SE Battery Draining

Using Siri on your Apple Watch allows you to accomplish things such as playing music or checking the weather just by speaking. However, how Siri is engaged will have an effect on your battery life.

Holding down the digital crown to activate Siri uses far less battery power than utilising the Hey Siri option. This feature allows you to activate Siri just by uttering that phrase, but it consumes more power because it requires your Apple Watch to be continually listening.

Another solution for an Apple Watch battery depletion issue is to disable Hey Siri in the Apple Watch settings.

To turn off Hey Siri on the Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and choose Siri.
  3. Toggle the Listen For “Hey Siri” switch to Off.
  4. You should also disable Raise to Speak. When you lift your wrist and instantly begin speaking, Siri is activated.

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