How to Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error?

How to Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error

How to Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error? These suggestions will assist you in resolving the aggravating Steam Deck Cloud Sync problem. We can assist you if you are facing the Steam Deck Cloud Sync error.

Steam Deck, like any other gadget, is not without flaws. There are numerous issues you may have while using Valve’s handheld PC, ranging from the Steam Deck being unable to connect to Steam servers to the desktop mode not working.

In this article, we’ll look at the causes of the Steam Cloud Sync error and offer some simple and practical fixes to get you back to playing your games without interruptions.

What is a Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error?

When there is a problem syncing game saves between the Steam Deck and the Steam Cloud, the Steam Deck Cloud Sync error occurs. This can result in gamers losing their progress in a game or encountering other troubles.

Platform incompatibility is the most common reason for the Steam Deck Cloud Sync issue. Recent game upgrades may have changed the platform from Proton to native, causing compatibility concerns.

Other causes of the Steam Deck Cloud Sync error include issues with Steam servers and inconsistencies or corruption in-game save files. It is critical to discover the underlying cause of the mistake and take suitable steps to rectify it in order to troubleshoot it.

How to Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error?

To resolve the Steam Deck Cloud Sync problem, go to the game’s compatibility settings and enable Proton. This should resolve any platform compatibility concerns and allow you to save your game files.

If the Steam Deck Cloud Sync error continues, try the following steps:

  1. Check the Steam server status to discover if the servers are down or undergoing maintenance. To check the current server status, go to Steamstat or DownDetector.
  2. Check that Steam Cloud synchronisation is turned on.
  3. Check for SteamOS and game updates.
  4. Attempt to manually sync the saved files.

Final Words

Hopefully, one of the solutions listed above will work for you. If not, we recommend contacting Steam Support at to see if they can assist you further.

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