Funny Ways to Answer the Phone

Funny Ways to Answer the Phone

Funny Ways to Answer the Phone. Picking up the phone no longer needs to be a boring “hello.” Funny salutations seem to be what the doctor orders to brighten someone’s day. These amusing methods to answer the smartphone prank will not only make you giggle but will also make the caller chuckle. One of life’s great pleasures is answering the phone in absurdly humorous ways. We’ve all done it at some time, and trust me, it’s a lot of fun!

Funny Ways to Answer the Phone

Also, we can only be thus amusing with those with whom we are at ease. If we respond to the call amusingly, it also signifies that we are the source of so many people’s smiles. So hats off to us! We’ve gathered some amazing humorous ways to pick up the phone in today’s blog, so prepare for uncontrolled laughter! List of Funny Ways to Answer the Phone.

1. Download a Soundboard

It is simple to install a free programme on your phone or computer. You may use the search term “soundboards” to get information on the Internet, or you can use the app store to find a free app for your phone. Soundboards are often found in the domain of entertainment.

Pre-recorded sound bits from famous personalities or characters, such as Homer Simpson or Family Guy, are used to answer the phone.

They can also use phrases such as “guess who?” “Hey, where did you park the ice cream truck?” said in a strange old cracked voice. Callers will undoubtedly be perplexed, but they will soon tyre of you.

2. 911, what’s your emergency?

Consider saying this when a phone call comes in. Just don’t allow the other person to speak up or barge in. The other individual will burst out laughing.

Note: Please keep in mind that you should only do this with close friends or family!

3. “DUDE! I told you to bury the arms and throw the body in the ocean”

This will almost certainly make the people on the other side go insane for a split second. If you really want to play a joke on them, use this statement. It will stun them for a few seconds!

Although if I do get to hear it, I will undoubtedly be taken aback for a little period. Isn’t it a really entertaining way of answering the phone? Yes, of course, it is!

4. Disguise your voice

Disguising your voice is an ancient method, but it’s still effective. To test what type of reaction you’ll get, try putting on a British accent or deepening your voice. Buy a Voice Disguiser if you’re serious about being hilarious when you answer the phone. According to personal alarms, voice disguisers are gadgets that alter your voice to make you unidentifiable.

High-quality voice disguisers cost between $30 and $80 and may be purchased online. Voice disguisers may transform a guy’s voice to sound like a stranger, a woman’s voice to sound like a man, or a grandparent’s voice to sound like a kid based on personal preferences.

5. “Ooooooh, it’s a lady.” (Funny Ways to Answer the Phone)

If the person on the other side is a lady, shout “oooooh it’s a lady!” That lady will undoubtedly make you chuckle.

6. Funny phrases when answering the phone

It’s a classic to answer the phone with amusing lines like “speak to me” or “Yello.” However, the more inventive you are, the more amusing you will be. So according to List Keepers, the funniest way to answer the phone is “City Morgue, you murder ’em, we relax ’em.”

“Hello, please enter your name, address, and credit card number,” “The number you phoned has been disconnected,” and “Can I have your order?” are some of the most popular forms.

More funny phrases:

  • “Hello. This is the suicide hotline, can you please hold?”
  • Beeps, as a busy signal
  • “Roadkill Cafe, you kill it, we grill it, how can I help you?”
  • “I have the money, just let him go…”
  • “Hello, Johnny? I hope you threw the body! Hurry up before we get caught!”
  • “Send someone with the money and no one gets hurt!”
  • “Ah, no, the voices are back!”
  • yell, “Who sent you? Who do you work for?”

7. What the hell do you want?

This phrase may be misconstrued if you are having a terrible day, but will sound amusing if you answered your phone with it. This is one of the funnier methods to answer the phone since it brilliantly expresses your sarcasm and humour. It’s also entertaining to say to your buddies. So prepare for your next phone call from a pal!


On its website, Wattpad ranked this sentence as the funniest approach to answering the phone. Assume you get a call from an introverted buddy and squeal gleefully as soon as he says hello.

It will undoubtedly give your discussion a dynamic start, and you may decide to arrange a rendezvous.

9. Use Music Clips (Funny Ways to Answer the Phone)

This circumstance needs more time, planning, and patience. Whether you are technically savvy, you may prepare a sequence of music clips to play in reaction to anything the caller says. Comcast employed a similar strategy in one of its 2008 advertisements, and the result is hilarious!

10. Hi, last survivor of World War 2 here

Simply pick up the phone and imagine you’re the lone survivor of World War II. It may be a lot of fun to do with your pals.

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It’s not unexpected to answer a phone call in a humorous manner because many individuals still utilise these techniques to inject some levity into their otherwise mundane conversations. We have simply chosen the finest potential options for you to inject some excitement into your routine phone conversations. This is something that people do for leisure. However, this is not the end of the storey; you may also utilise many different methods depending on your surroundings and relationships with your family members and friends.

Frequently Asking Questions (FAQ)

  1. What to say when you pick up the phone funny?

    It’s a classic to answer the phone with amusing lines like “speak to me” or “Yello.” However, the more inventive you are, the more amusing you will be. According to Listing Keepers, the funniest way to pick up the phone is “Ooooooh, it’s a lady.”

  2. How do you answer a guys phone call?

    “Hello, how are you?” is a good start. If you know who is calling, you should answer calls in this manner. That’s always vital to be nice while speaking to someone, and I’m confident your crush appreciates it.

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