Futuristic Technology AI Pin cannot replace smartphones

Futuristic Technology AI Pin cannot replace smartphones

Futuristic Technology AI Pin cannot replace smartphones. Humane, founded by former Apple employees, has debuted its futuristic AI Pin in the hopes of reducing screen time and replacing your smartphone with a little device that acts as your personal assistant.

Futuristic Technology AI Pin cannot replace smartphones

Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno launched their AI Pin in a video showcasing its features and capabilities, with high ambitions and set goals for a ‘ more present’ future.

Humane AI Pin

Humane’s AI Pin can not only send and receive messages for you, but it can also do all of the functions of an AI assistant, thanks to Microsoft’s AI Chat-GPT.

The pin is always listening and can be interacted with via speech, touch, or an interactive laser screen. You may also record films and snap images with a single voice command, eliminating the need to hold the device and aim at the subject. With replacement batteries, the device will magnetically attach to your clothes and accompany you wherever you go.

Can it truly replace smartphones?

Is the AI Pin useful or even necessary in our lives, despite its futuristic and technological nature? The little device can do a variety of duties while on the road, but it lacks the experience of a smartphone, failing to replace the intimate and personal text messages we might want to send but can’t express aloud, or the experience of a screen and scrolling through social media or playing games.

Though the AI Pin’s goal is to limit harmful screen time, are we ready to fully eliminate screens from our lives, especially because we are increasingly driven by visuals?

The device gives music, with a sound bubble that can engulf and entertain us, but do we really need everyone to know what we desire or are listening to all of the time? Furthermore, the device can collect high-resolution images and videos, but we won’t know how until we plug or connect the device to a smartphone or laptop to examine them.

Humane does provide complete privacy and data protection, even in the event of a device breach, as well as AI assistance that can answer any query you may have at any moment. At the same time, Humane’s introduction film includes some obvious errors made by the AI system when answering questions provided by the creators.

When this was brought to their attention, the startup was humiliated and issued another video fixing the flaws. The inaccuracy, however minor, calls into doubt the device’s validity and whether it can be trusted with responses, especially because there is no screen to fact-check the replies.


Many tech critics have already labelled the device a failure, but they believe it will perform well when connected with an Apple Vision Pro headset, which would provide the images and apps that the AI Pin sorely lacks. The AI Pin costs $699 with a $24/month subscription fee, and when combined with the $3499 Apple Vision Pro, this might become an expensive gadget for the meagre goal of reducing screen time.

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