How humanoid robots can boost China’s economy in the future

How humanoid robots can boost China's economy in the future

How humanoid robots can boost China’s economy in the future. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), which is in charge of China’s industrial sector, has published a detailed nine-page guideline on its official website. The policy lays forth an ambitious vision for the development of humanoid robots, with the objective of reaching mass production by 2025.

How humanoid robots can boost China’s economy in the future

Within the next four years, MIIT hopes to develop an innovative ecosystem for humanoid robots, achieve substantial advances in crucial technologies, and assure the secure and efficient supply of essential components. The Chinese government sees humanoid robots as critical participants in improving its industrial circumstances, especially as it strives to enhance mass production by 2025 and achieve advanced technological status by 2027.

This development demonstrates China’s continued attempts to boost the growth of its domestic robotics sector while aiming for technical self-sufficiency. The nation’s focus on strengthening fundamental competencies, particularly in semiconductor technology, has been sharpened as a result of global tech competition, particularly with the United States.

The recommendations also shed light on prospective areas in which robots will play an important role, such as healthcare, home services, agriculture, and logistics. These industries are projected to see an increase in the incorporation of robotic technologies, altering how they function.

With the plan and goals in place, MIIT’s vision appears to be a promising one for raising industry standards, improving product testing capabilities, and establishing research laboratories, industry organisations, and open-source communities, all with the goal of supporting and nurturing the growing humanoid robotics sector.

The ministry has also promised to help the business thrive by improving policies, investing in talent development, and encouraging international collaboration.

Another notable feature is that China has already made tremendous progress in the field of industrial robotics. According to the International Federation of Robotics’ World Robotics 2022 Report, the country surpassed the United States in 2021, rising to become one of the world’s most automated nations.

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