How to Add Friends on Epic Games?

How to Add Friends on Epic Games

How to Add Friends on Epic Games? You are able to play with other players on any platform, but you must first add them using the Epic Games launcher on a PC or Mac. This article describes how to add friends to Epic Games, the company behind popular games like Fortnite: Battle Royale and Gears of War.

While the Epic Gaming launcher is only accessible for Windows and Mac, adding friends in Epic Games lets you play with them on any platform associated with your Epic Games account.

How to Add Friends on Epic Games?

  1. Select Friends from the Epic Games launcher.
  2. Choose the Add Friend icon.
  3. In the Add a Friend section, enter your friend’s Epic Games display name or email address, and then click Send.
  4. Until your buddy accepts your request, they will appear in the Outgoing column.
  5. If your friend accepts your invitation, the outgoing message disappears, and you can play with them when both of you are online.
  6. To add more friends, click the Add Friend icon.

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How to Add Friends from Facebook and Steam?

Connecting your Epic Games account to another service is another way to add pals. If you have pals on other Epic Games services, this is an excellent way. It’s also a fantastic option if you don’t know a friend’s display name or email address because you won’t have to ask and wait for them to respond.

Epic Games supports Facebook and Steam connections. You’ll need your Facebook or Steam login details for this, as well as authorization from Epic Games to connect to your Facebook or Steam account.

Here’s how to add Epic Games companions by linking to Steam or Facebook:

  1. Select Friends from the Epic Games launcher.
  2. Choose the Add Friend icon.
  3. Select Facebook or Steam in the Add Services section.
  4. To proceed, if you picked Steam, enter your Steam account name.
  5. Sign in by entering your Steam username and password.
  6. Wait for the success notification, then exit the browser window and return to the Epic Games launcher’s friends list.
  7. If you haven’t yet validated your email with Epic Games, choose Resend Verification Email, follow the steps in the email, and then choose I Have Validated My Email.
  8. Select Add Friends after selecting the friends you want to add.
  9. If your Facebook friends use Epic Platform, repeat this process with the Facebook option.

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