How to Change any icon on Taskbar Windows 11

How to Change any icon on Taskbar Windows 11

How to Change any icon on Taskbar Windows 11. The taskbar in Windows 11 functions differently than in earlier versions. It has a new right-click menu, new settings, and pinning icons to the taskbar that works differently. The modifications to the taskbar are likely to be the first thing you notice after installing Windows 11.

How to Change any icon on Taskbar Windows 11

There are several new icons in the middle, and Cortana appears to have been relegated from the front desk position. Changing any icon on taskbar windows 11. These initial modifications are only the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got you covered if you’re having difficulties personalising the new Windows 11 taskbar.

List of 4 Methods to Change any icon on Taskbar Windows 11

We’ll teach you how to customise the Windows 11 taskbar and offer some hacks for accessing functions that are no longer officially available in Windows 11.

Method #1: Remove the default icons

There are several icons on the taskbar that cannot be removed using the unpin function by default. In addition to the Start menu, you can remove other icons from the taskbar using the taskbar settings. Right-click on the taskbar but then just select Taskbar settings.

All of the taskbar’s default items are listed at the top, with a toggle button next to each. Simply turn off the items you don’t want to see on the taskbar, and they’ll be gone.

Method #2: Pin icons to the taskbar

If you prefer the ease of utilising the drag-and-drop function to pin icons to the taskbar, Windows 11 does not support it. For the time being, you’ll have to rely on the other methods of pinning the programme to the taskbar. The simplest method is to use Windows Search to find the software, then right-click on it and select Pin to taskbar.

To do so using Windows Explorer, first right-click the app icon and select Show more, and then select the Pin to taskbar option.

Method #3: Move taskbar icons to the left

I don’t mind taskbar icons in the middle, but because of the Start menu, I shifted them to the left. I have to aim the mouse in the middle to click on the Start menu. However, at the far left corner, I can simply move the mouse in the bottom-left direction and it works, saving me some concentration.

Simply go to the taskbar settings and do the same thing we did earlier to relocate the taskbar icons to the left. Scroll down to the Taskbar Behaviors section. Then, in the Taskbar alignment option, select Left.

Method #4: Hide/Show System tray icons

In older versions of Windows, you could simply hide/show system tray icons directly from the taskbar. However, with Windows 11, the system tray’s name has been changed to Taskbar corner overflow, and you must configure it through the taskbar settings.

Taskbar corner overflow has its own section in the taskbar settings. You can click it to open all the apps that have an icon that can be seen in the Taskbar corner overflow. To hide/show their icons in the right corner of the taskbar, you must manually toggle on/off apps here.

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