How to enable Dark Mode of WhatsApp on Android and iOS

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How to enable Dark Mode of WhatsApp on Android and iOS. The dark mode is in fashion and it’s included in every app. Well, Facebook added dark mode a long time ago, but for some time its sister business was trying to introduce it. Well, we have no timely release date, but we have excellent news for those who are unable to offer their eyes more strain. You can also allow the dark mode of WhatsApp on Android and iOS.

How to enable Dark Mode of WhatsApp on Android and iOS

The method for taking Dark mode on WhatsApp for Android and iOS is discussed below:

Android’s WhatsApp dark mode:

Your phone should run on the Android Q to get dark mode on WhatsApp, and you have a smartphone that supports Android Q beta.

Step 1

  1. Install Android Q.
  2. Go to your settings on your mobile
  3. Tap the display button and press the theme

Step 2

  1. Return to Settings
  2. Select About Phone
  3. To activate the developer mode, tap the build number seven times

Step 3

  1. Click the Developer option now
  2. Tap the dark force override. It will allow all apps, including WhatsApp, to have a dark mode.

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WhatsApp Dark mode on iOS:

You need to have a computer operating on iOS 11 or a recent version to have Dark mode on Apple computers.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Tap Accessibility
  4. Open Display Accommodations
  5. Tap on Invert Colors
  6. In the end, click on smart invert
Steps To Enable Dark Mode On Ios

That’s all. The general background will be dark when you select it, but the icons and emojis will stay colorful.

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