How to Fix iPhone 12 Mini Overheating Issue?

How to Fix iPhone 12 Mini Overheating Issue

How to Fix iPhone 12 Mini Overheating Issue? The iPhone 12 is a monster in its own way. The top-tier specifications are supported by the powerful A14 Bionic chip, which excels in terms of speed and efficiency. That means the iPhone 12 is capable of handling everything from video streaming to high-octane gaming to extended web browsing.

That is not to say that Apple’s 5G iPhones are without flaws. Several iPhone 12 and 12 Pro customers have recently reported overheating concerns, leaving them wondering why their smartphones are becoming so hot so regularly. If you are experiencing the same issue, try these 10 solutions to fix iPhone 12 overheating.

Cause of the iPhone 12/Mini/12 Pro Overheating problem

While some people claim that their iPhone 12 overheats while charging, others claim that it gets hot even when doing simple chores like surfing or music streaming. As a result, there appears to be more than one offender at work here.

When it comes to troubleshooting the overheating issue on the iPhone 12 series, the typical suspects such as software issues and power-hungry features must be considered. Furthermore, you must ensure that damaged chargers are kept away from your device. With this in mind, let’s get started on the troubleshooting guide!

How to Fix iPhone 12 Mini Overheating Issue?

Here is the list of 8 Methods to fix the iPhone 12 Mini Overheating Issue:

1. Remove the Faulty Case

Many low-cost and large cases do not have a heat dissipation design. As a result, they frequently cause overheating problems. To keep the device cool, make sure the case you’re using has an improved heat reduction design.

We’ve compiled a list of the top iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max cases, which include clear, bumper, adorable, and leather covers. Check out our lineups if you require a case with a better heat dissipation design.

2. Turn off the Background App Refresh

Though background app refresh does not appear to have a direct influence on the overheating problem, it does cause it behind the scenes. The constant background app refresh consumes more energy. Overheating occurs when the battery is pushed to do the heavy lifting owing to excessive power usage.

Go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh on your iPhone. You may now disable background app refresh entirely on your iOS device or enable only a few critical apps to reload in the background. I recommend that you turn it off right now. If it solves the problem, you can later allow some important apps to reload in the background.

Background app refresh, for those who are new, allows apps to run smoothly. That is why it is enabled by default.

3. Reduce the brightness

Another solution for overheating iPhone 12 mini The problem is maintaining an optimal or low light level. Many users simply raise the brightness bar to the maximum without considering the iPhone’s battery life. When not in use, reduce the brightness to the lowest setting possible to keep your iPhone cool. Go to Display & Brightness > Settings.

4. Switch to Low Power Mode

Turn on low power mode if you’re going to the beach or will be outside for several hours. Why waste your iPhone’s battery when you’re not using it? To disable low power mode, navigate to Settings > Battery.

5. Reset All Settings to Fix iPhone 12 Mini Overheating Issue

When dealing with complex iOS difficulties, removing existing settings and resetting the device to factory default is a useful approach. Because of this, I never miss out on it. Please keep in mind that when you reset your device, iOS merely deletes the existing settings, including Wi-Fi and website settings. You won’t have to worry about losing any of your apps, media, or data because they will all be protected.

On your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. To finish, enter your device’s passcode and press the Reset All Settings button one more. This should surely assist in resolving the overheating issue on your iPhone 12.

6. Update Software

Whenever your iPhone 12 is still overheating and none of the options listed above work, the problem could be due to a software flaw. Apple publishes software updates on a regular basis to correct issues and improve overall efficiency. As a result, there is a good probability that the software update will assist in resolving the iPhone 12 overheating issue.

On your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. Now, iOS will check for any available software updates. If an update is available, download and install it to fix the issue.

7. Hard Reset to Fix iPhone 12 Mini Overheating Issue

Whenever I encounter a common/various iOS bug, I make a point of performing a hard reset on my iPhone. It usually helps me troubleshoot the problem. Given how dependable this procedure is, I recommend you try it to resolve the iPhone 12 overheating problem.

Press and hold the volume up/down button. Then, hit and hold the volume down button. Hold down the side button until the Apple logo appears. After your iPhone 12 has rebooted, try using it for a while to see if you’ve overcome the overheating problem.

8. Contact Apple Support

If none of the remedies listed above resolves the overheating problem on your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, contact Apple Support immediately. Your device may be experiencing hardware troubles. The battery is almost certainly the source of the problem. As a result, it would be prudent to contact tech support and have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

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You should avoid allowing your iPhone 12 mini to overheat at all costs, yet it might happen without warning due to daily phone use. If this happens to you, turn off the phone and leave it in a cool place for a few minutes to allow it to cool down. You can then resume using it immediately. Have you ever had an iOS device overheat? What were you doing with it, if so? Please share in the comments!

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