How to Send Invisible Text?

How to Send Invisible Text

How to Send Invisible Text? The iPhone Messages app features unique bubble and screen effects that spice up the conversation experience. One of the bubble effects, Invisible Ink, has proven popular among iMessage users. This allows you to disguise the message text behind a soothing animation.

To see the content, the recipient must swipe over the blurred message. That’s quite cool! Allow me to briefly demonstrate how to send Invisible Ink iMessage from your iPhone or iPad.

How to Send Invisible Text?

  1. Navigate to a chat in the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Fill up the blanks with the desired message. You can also choose an image.
  3. Long-press these arrow icons to initiate the process.
  4. To send the message with this effect, select INVISIBLE INK and tap the arrow icon.

How to See iMessage sent with Invisible Ink on your iPhone?

Swipe over the hazy dots animation to see texts sent with Invisible Ink. The text or image will be revealed. Please keep in mind that sending and viewing messages with the Invisible Ink effect requires iOS 10 or later.

Please keep in mind that you cannot send messages using Invisible Ink via Apple Watch. However, if you receive one on your wrist, you can view it simply by swiping over it.

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