Bypass iCloud Activation Lock using DNS Method for iPhone & iPad

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock using DNS Method for iPhone

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock using DNS Method for iPhone & iPad. Do you have any idea of what the iCloud Activation DNS Method is? The thing with Apple devices is, to authenticate a user, it asks a lot of questions. Now, when a person buys an Apple second-hand device, he buys a lot of time that has an iCloud lock for activation.

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Now you need the password for the iCloud to use the mobile properly, but what’s happening is that even the original owner doesn’t remember what the password was. No one recalls a password made a year or two ago. The last resort when this happens is contacting Apple to solve the problem.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock using DNS Method for iPhone & iPad

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock using DNS Method for iPhone
Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

The original owner will contact Apple and, as expected, Apple will ask a lot of questions to make sure that he is the iCloud owner himself. Apple even asks for the device’s payment receipt even if all the information was given properly and correctly. We’ve created a guide to help, remain with us, all those impacted by this.

How Does iCloud DNS Bypass Method Work?

Human beings are more probable than random numbers to remember words and names. But, instead of words, machines understand numbers. So we provide a numerical address or IP (web protocol) with it for a computer to define the name of a website. And the server that stores and operates the website is also known as the host’s DNS server.

If you’ve enabled an Apple handset like an iPhone or an iPad with an iCloud activation lock, the only way to reuse the Apple device is to change the activation path. It transmits an activation request to the Apple servers each time you use your Apple device.

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Apple processes the request, thus checking the device’s status. At this point, if the Find My Device facility of the iPhone or any other iDevice is set to ON, the device will pop up the iCloud activation screen. Then you will need to provide credentials for the iCloud account that will be the username/email and password.

The basic idea behind bypassing iCloud activation via DNS is to change the request path sent by the device from the server of Apple to another server. Even if you’re on iCloud lock, you can readily alter the route for an Apple device. In the Wifi settings, this is done and it is not difficult to do. Apple allows Wifi to be manually configured.

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After changing the DNS address, the new request will be sent for authentication to the iCloud DNS server. A locked iPhone or iPad will then be able to browse the internet, use the camera; in other words, take pictures and make videos, use the Music app, etc. Remember, this technique is not a full unlock, but a partial hack. You need to use an iCloud IMEI unlock service for a full iCloud unlock.

How to use DNS IP Server to bypass iCloud Lock

The bypass process for iCloud DNS is simple, short, and easy to do. Any kind of user can do that, to figure out what to do, you don’t have to be a software engineer. Before beginning, the sim card must be installed on your device otherwise the technique will not succeed. So, before going through all the steps, placed a sim inside your iPhone.

  1. You will see the country and the language selection option. Choose from yours.
  2. The page that will require you to connect to Wifi will now appear. Look for the ‘ i ‘ next to the Wifi network, click the ‘ Home Button, ‘ see the ‘ More Wifi Settings ‘ option, click on it.
  3. While doing this, you must not be connected to the Internet, otherwise, it won’t work. If connected, go to the settings of the connection and select ‘ Forget this network. ‘
  4. Click on the button ‘ i. ‘ You’ll see the DNS choice, you’ll need to add one of the IPs below. Choose depending on your region.
  5. DNS Bypass Server IP Addresses:
    • Asia:
    • Europe:
    • America:
    • South America:
    • If you don’t live in any of these continents:
  6. Choose the option ‘Back’ at the top left. Then click from the list of available networks on your WiFi Network. Password enter. iPhone will try to set up options for the next set, click ‘Back.’
  7. A screen is about to pop up. It’s the screen to bypass the activation lock for iCloud.
  8. Go down and go to the Apps, Camera, and Music Setup Menu, etc.

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This method should not be considered the ultimate solution, as it is not. It provides limited functionality for your mobile device, meaning you can not fully enjoy using your mobile device. The available functionality is a fraction of the mobile’s overall functions.

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