Man injured after exploding on his mobile phone in Lahore

Man injured after exploding on his mobile phone in LahoreHarris, 40, charged his phone at night and kept it under his pillow. When the phone exploded, he was sleeping. He was taken to treatment at Jinnah Hospital. Doctors said 20 percent of his body was burned.

“The bed first caught fire and then spread everywhere,” said Muazzam Nazir Tarrar, Executive Director of the Jinnah Burn Centre.

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When he was brought in, Harris couldn’t even breathe properly, he said on the Naya Din program of SAMAA TV. “We kept him in the ICU until he improved his condition.” His face, back and other parts of his body have burn marks. “Plastic surgery may even be needed.”

Professor Tarrar said the condition of Harris is out of danger now. “His health will improve over time,” he advised people to refuse to charge their night phones.

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