Microsoft has added over 150 new features to Windows 11

Microsoft has added over 150 new features to Windows 11

Microsoft has added over 150 new features to Windows 11. Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, released the latest 2023 update (version 23H2) for Windows 11 users on Tuesday. According to the specifics, Microsoft’s new update has reportedly included 150 new capabilities to the Windows 11 operating system, including the new generative AI-assisted co-pilot, which was previously limited to the Edge web browser.

Microsoft has added over 150 new features to Windows 11

However, interested customers who are now running Windows 11 22H2 are advised to select “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” from Windows settings in order to install the latest version; in the meantime, the auto rollout of this update will occur in the following months.

Users will have a built-in photo app with one-click background blur features, as well as the ability to delete and alter the backdrop of an image on the Paint app, thanks to generative AI.

Copilot is now integrated into Windows 11

Copilot is by far the most exciting news about 23H2. If that term seems familiar, it’s because Microsoft formerly had an AI service called Copilot that operated with its app suite. However, as of the 23H2 release, Copilot is now integrated across all of Microsoft’s services.


Copilot, which is based on the same tools as Bing Chat, is compatible with Windows 11 and Microsoft 365, as well as Edge and Bing on the web. Consider it a more powerful AI equivalent of Cortana (RIP). That is, it is both a standalone app and is immediately integrated with all of those services.

To communicate with Copilot, launch the program from the taskbar or use the Win+C keyboard shortcut. If you receive requests while working in a Windows app, you can bring Copilot in at any time without leaving the window.

There are numerous instances where cross-platform interaction can be advantageous: Assume you open a new document to read, but it’s just too long to get through before a meeting. Request that Copilot summarises for you in Word, then move to PowerPoint and request that the assistant design a presentation based on that summary.

In general, you may then ask the Copilot program to organise your windows and clean up your desktop before starting a playlist to help you focus. Copilot was released early with an update on September 26, but the full version is now available.

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