Pokemon GO Introduces a New PokeStop Feature

Pokemon GO Introduces a New PokeStop Feature

Pokemon GO Introduces a New PokeStop Feature. Niantic has announced a new feature for Pokemon GO’s PokeStops, with testing commencing in one zone and a complete launch expected soon. Niantic has unveiled a slew of new improvements that will alter how PokeStops function in Pokemon GO. The features are already being tested in one region of the world and may soon be available throughout Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Introduces a New PokeStop Feature

Many fans have recently expressed a desire for new features in Pokemon GO. Recent disagreements within the game’s community regarding a perceived lack of effort on the part of the developers have resulted in player stagnation and a decline in revenue for Pokemon GO. Niantic appears to be moving on the right path with the recent revelation of new features that may change the way players engage with PokeStops in the popular smartphone game.

Niantic began testing new PokeStop features at this year’s Summer Game Fest event in Los Angeles, and a recent message from the company’s official support Twitter account revealed that one of the features is currently being tested further in New Zealand. The new feature in question is PokeStop Showcases, which will allow trainers to display Pokemon with unique characteristics such as height and weight in exchange for prizes. This feature, paired with the recently enhanced compatibility with Pokemon Home to include Scarlet and Violet, gives gamers a variety of reasons to return to the game.

The Pokemon GO community in New Zealand has already confirmed the functionality of this feature. It appears that Showcases will occasionally emerge for a limited time at particular PokeStops, and these Showcases will request a specific Pokemon with a specified trait. For example, during beta testing in New Zealand, PokeStops are currently requesting the largest Fomantis.

Players within range of the PokeStop can enter their Fomantis, and the player with the largest by the end of the Showcase wins a prize. This adds an intriguing new dimension of utility to XXL and XXS Pokemon. One gamer on Pokemon GO’s subreddit claims to have received 2700 Stardust, 1 Incense, and 3 Ultra Balls, though it appears that the prize will vary.

Another feature that could see a complete release on Pokemon GO in the near future is Route Creation. Much less is known about it, and it is not yet part of the beta test in New Zealand, but it is a feature that fans have been looking forward to for quite some time. When it becomes life, it should be a terrific feature that encourages people to locate interesting walking trails in their neighbourhoods for other players to explore. Both of these improvements could be just what the app needs in the face of reported Pokemon GO development stagnation and dwindling player engagement.

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