Solar powered smart table that can charge multiple devices continuously

Solar Powered Smart Table That Can Charge Multiple Devices Continuously 1024x538

Solar powered smart table that can charge multiple devices continuously. With growing technology, more and more daily devices are now entering the role of wireless charging, but it still requires a pad that requires a power plug. By creating a solar-powered intelligent table that can charge various phones, a company is now attempting to fix this problem.

Solar powered smart table that can charge multiple devices continuously

A Spanish start-up called Proton New Energy Future lately revealed Ebörd, an intelligent table with solar power that has a wireless charger integrated into its entire surface and harvests energy from sunlight or even artificial light that allows it to charge various devices at once.

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Ebörd looks like any other table with a dark glass top and metal frame on the outside, but characteristics a bit of technology concealed beneath its hood. Ebörd comprises more than 50 charging coils that allow customers to charge up to four phones, as per New Atlas, anywhere on top.

Solar Powered Smart Table

Since the Ebörd utilizes the Qi charging platform, it has the capacity to work with Sony, LG, Nokia and other devices from the last few generations of iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Also, you can charge significant smartwatches, tablets, earbuds and also use the Qi.

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In addition, the surface of the table is photovoltaic, enabling it to suck up sunlight and store it in a 10Ah battery. The company said Ebörd could also absorb artificial light. The table is also waterproof with some models even fitted with an LED lighting scheme and Bluetooth surrounds the sound speaker.

Meanwhile, by November Proton plans to begin shipping the table.

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