Sveston Watches are Fraud [Review]

Sveston Watches are Fraud Review

Sveston Watches are Fraud [Review]. I purchased a watch directly from Sveston’s main website, not from a retailer or any other website. After receiving my order I found the watch was defective and pretty low in quality. I tried to contact their helpline but they disappointed me with their pathetic attitude. So the issues raised here are genuine, be aware of them and avoid brands like these that do not accept responsibility for the things they offer.

Sveston Watches are Fraud

Sveston brand claims their watches include features such as quality material and good water resistance that they actually don’t have.

Sveston watches are terrible. They’re practically useless. You could get a toy watch for 5 dollars instead of Sveston watch. At the very least, it would be amazing and would not cost you trust and money.

The design of Sveston watches is to some extent good and reasonable. Additionally, they offer a fair warranty service, which is why they manage to attract online individuals into their trap.”Sveston is a pretty fine watch, isn’t it?” you think, and you buy it. Unfortunately, the watch’s style seems to be the only thing you’ll like about it.

So, what’s the storey behind the curtain? Svseston watches are not even close to the authenticity they claim.

Note: Stay miles away from Sveston brand because it is just a well-planned fraud on the names of the branded timepiece.

3 thoughts on “Sveston Watches are Fraud [Review]”

  1. Dr Yousaf Ansari

    Yes seveston is name of Fraud.
    I purchase watch,but it is defaulted.I have spend 7400 rupee ,which goes useless.moreover behavior of helpline is very rude.

  2. My experience with sveston watches was the worst. Apparently, it looked fine but after using it I found the watch’s qualities are totally against the given description that’s why I still regret why I ordered from sveston.

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