WhatsApp will make Android screen sharing more easier

WhatsApp will make Android screen sharing more easier

WhatsApp will make Android screen sharing more easier. Over the last few years, WhatsApp has added a slew of new capabilities to its instant messaging programme. The company is ensuring that the app supports whichever type of communication you require. It added the screen-sharing tool earlier this year, and it is currently improving it.

WhatsApp will make Android screen sharing more easier

It has been discovered that WhatsApp’s screen-sharing capability may also include audio capabilities. According to Android Authority, the current version of WhatsApp for Android ( contains a code string that sheds some light on the future feature.

When you share a screen with the person on the other end of the call, the contents of the screen, as well as the sounds from the phone, are visible. As a result, you can watch videos or listen to music together. You could even be able to play games while the other person is watching.

This new feature may make presentations easier. It can also be used for better troubleshooting when you’re assisting your parents with understanding certain functions of their phones. It might also be used to organise watch parties where you and your friends can watch a movie or television show together.

However, due to restrictions imposed by apps such as Disney+, Netflix, and Prime Video, screen sharing may be disabled. You can, however, watch offline videos together.

This functionality has yet to surface in the app’s beta version, so it will be some time before WhatsApp begins testing audio capabilities when screen sharing. After testing is completed, the feature may be gradually rolled out to Android users. It remains to be seen whether it will be available to iOS users.

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