Anthem Subreddit Turns to April Fools ‘ Division 2 Forum

Anthem Subreddit Turns to April Fools ' Division 2 Forum

Anthem Subreddit Turns to April Fools ‘ Division 2 Forum. Every year when April 1st rolls around, unsuspecting internet users get pranked and gamers aren’t excluded. Anthem fans trolled their own for the day this year, turning the Anthem subreddit into a forum in Division 2 for April Fools Day instead.

Anthem Subreddit Turns to April Fools ‘ Division 2 Forum

Since the games were still in development, comparisons between Anthem and Division 2 have been rampant and things have not changed much since they were launched. While Division 2 started for primarily good reviews and was seen as a general improvement over its predecessor, Anthem had a much more bumpy experience of release.

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Perhaps the moderation team at Reddit’s Anthem forum chose to tease their subscribers by swapping the banner image for Division 2 as an April Fools ‘ Day joke as a result of these constant comparisons.

The moderator team of Anthem managed to pull a quick one on their audience as several subscribers expressed confusion and even concern that the subreddit might have been hacked. After the joke came to light, the subreddit of Division 2 also got in on the fun, responding in kind by changing their banner, title, and adding a fun description to indicate that it is a subreddit of Anthem instead.

Anthem Subreddit Turns to April Fools' Division 2 Forum

Subreddit jokes, of course, are just a few of the shenanigans that gamers and game developers are up to this year. With its users being photobombed by Ash Ketchum, Pokemon GO celebrates. Google is also rarely left out of April Fools and has launched a version of Google Maps of the classic Snake game.

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As the PC gaming market fractures between Steam, Epic Games, Origin, and others, Corsair took the opportunity to poke fun at the current state of the PC gaming industry. Corsair jokingly announced its own game launcher, allowing players to unite all their games and friends across those game platforms into one platform.

However, not everybody is on the fun of the April Fools. Microsoft banned the pranks of April Fools in a memo, stating that for the holiday linked directly to the publisher and developer there should be no outward-facing pranks.

Only starting on April 1st, gamers should keep their eyes open and their wits about them for pranks that will come throughout the rest of the day.

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