Apple Airpods Pro features Active Noise Cancelation and a high price tag

Apple Airpods Pro Features Active Noise Cancelation And A High Price Tag 1024x538

Apple Airpods Pro features Active Noise Cancelation and a high price tag. Apple has announced that its new Airpods Pro is not cheap. The Airpods Pro has a $249 price tag and will be available on October 30. The all-new Apple Airpods Pro are upgraded versions of standard AirPods, and the price and features have also been upgraded as the name suggests.

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Apple Airpods Pro features Active Noise Cancelation and a high price tag

Apple also launched many premium features such as noise cancellation, in-ear technology, new water-resistant design, and so many other new and interesting features. For the active noise cancellation feature, Airpods Pro has two microphones. One microphone is inside the other outside of the earphones.

Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro
Apple Airpods Pro

The external microphone eliminates the noise coming from outside and the internal microphone takes care of the sound inside the earphones and automatically clears the sound by cancelling the noise coming in by dodging the external microphone.

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The new function helps you to turn off the noise cancellation mode or the old visibility option can also be used. This app mixes the music you’re listening to on your Airpods, as well as encourages you to listen to the sounds of traffic and others around you.

The new Airpods Pro is beautifully designed and comfortable in use as well. They come for each earbud in soft, flexible tips for the silicone ear. In contrast to other in-ear design earphones, Airpods Pro uses an advanced vent system to equalize pressure and increase the comfort level.

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There have other apps such as Voice-activated Siri, which uses the H1 chip to allow hands-free “Hey Siri” to play a song, increase the volume, dial, or get directions. Audio Sharing capability lets you attach two Airpods pairs to the same computer and listen to the same music or watch a video. The text display feature reads the messages received in your earphones.

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