Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro Max will include a remarkable upgrade

Apple's iPhone 16 Pro Max will include a remarkable upgrade

According to reports, Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro Max will include a remarkable upgrade. The iPhone 2024 series is already in the works. According to a fresh rumour from the Taiwanese site Economic Daily News, substantial changes are on the way for the next iPhone’s design in terms of one of the most critical aspects of a smartphone: the camera.

Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro Max will include a remarkable upgrade

According to the rumour, the new iPhone will be drastically altered in one area: the lenses on the iPhone 16 Pro. It’s unclear whether this refers to the iPhone 16 Pro, the larger iPhone 16 Pro Max, or both.

Apple appears to be establishing high standards by updating the camera and lens. Apple intends to adopt sophisticated moulded glass lenses on the upcoming Pro model, resulting in a lighter, slimmer design. The lenses will be shorter and will have a higher optical zoom magnification. Furthermore, the lenses may enable

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According to reports, the adjustment will only affect the telephoto lens. This is noteworthy because it is now the only photographic distinction between the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. When compared to the main lens, the Pro has a 3x zoom equivalent, whilst the Pro Max’s telephoto lens features a tetraprism that allows it to achieve a 5x zoom equivalent.

So, a modification to the telephoto lens would be intriguing, especially since it has already been updated for the Max. Furthermore, the telephoto lens’s limitation stems from how difficult it is to manufacture the lens and how restricted production capacity may be.

This is why, according to the article, material preparation began roughly a year in advance, which is the first time this has been done. Apple will not be the only company to use moulded glass; Oppo and Vivo are also investigating the method. The stakes were high, so Apple went to glass producer Hoya to check in and guarantee the lenses could be delivered.

This current claim adds to prior speculation that moulded glass was on the way for the iPhone 16 Pro, leading to the release of a super telephoto lens with a focal length of 300mm or more. In comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 5x lens has a focal length of 120mm.

However, there is a sting in the tail in the form of the price. The cost is expected to rise due to the use of moulded glass. According to the study, the expected cost “will rise by 10% to 20%.” The “iPhone 16 flagship model may face price pressure next year,” it adds.

This is a potentially fascinating development, however the thought of a greater cost is hardly pleasant.

Updated on November 3rd. More information about the next-generation iPhones is beginning to circulate. Instant Digital, a Weibo leaker who has previously successfully revealed Apple secrets, has stated that there is a “great chance” that an extra button would be added to the iPhone 16 series. This has already been reported—Forbes contributor Ewan Spence discussed it here—so this new confirmation is good.

The mmWave antenna, which now stands on the right-hand edge of iPhones sold in the United States, is said to be shifted to the opposite side, making room for the extra button to sit on the right.

Because one of the expected purposes for this new button is to capture photographs, it seems logical to locate it on the right, where it will be easy to tap when holding the phone in landscape mode with the lenses to the left. Of course, you can already utilise the volume button as a shutter button when held in the other direction.

The extra button is believed to be flush with the phone’s edge. Furthermore, it’s likely to feature a solid-state capacitive button that responds to touch in the same way that the screen does, or in the same way as later Touch ID iterations on the iPhone and iPad do. That’s OK, except that very probably implies it won’t respond to a press if you’re wearing gloves. So, probably no shooting outside in chilly weather.

Other iPhone buttons, such as the recently introduced Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, are expected to remain unchanged.

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