Microsoft Surface PCs will receive 6 years of firmware updates

Microsoft Surface PCs will receive 6 years of firmware updates

Microsoft Surface PCs will receive 6 years of firmware updates. One of the best Windows computers available now is the Microsoft Surface. The Surface Studio was recently introduced, with huge specifications enhancements. As a result, Microsoft has provided Surface computers with regular firmware updates for the past four years. That is changing, however, as the company is adding even more support in the form of year extensions to some Surface PCs. Continue reading to learn more!

Microsoft Surface PCs will receive 6 years of firmware updates

The change was first noticed by Windows Central and appears in Microsoft’s Surface PC support material. As previously stated, Microsoft’s Surface PCs would receive four years of driver and firmware updates. However, the corporation appears to have revised its policy and expanded the support that it will provide to Surface consumers.

Microsoft Surface PCs will now receive firmware and driver upgrades for a period of six years. This is fantastic news since it shows that Microsoft has gone above and beyond its initial pledge to support these devices. This would be especially appreciated when purchasing a premium range like Surface, which requires mirrored support.

So, which Surface PCs will receive complete 6-year firmware and driver support? Microsoft claims devices released after January 1, 2021, are eligible for support for up to six years, according to the amended documentation. This is valid as of the device’s release date. If you purchase a new Surface PC today, the business will supply critical updates until 2029!

On the documentation page, you can see when support for particular models will stop. Firmware and driver updates are critical for your computer. The latest versions provide numerous benefits, including enhanced performance, bug fixes, critical security fixes, and more. Please keep in mind that this is not the same as operating system updates such as Windows 11 23H2.

What are your thoughts on Surface PCs receiving six years of support? Do you believe that other manufacturers should provide similar assistance for their goods, particularly those sold in the flagship category? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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