Google is testing a Play/Pause button for Chrome’s toolbar

Google is testing a Play/Pause button for Chrome's toolbar

Google is testing a Play/Pause button for Chrome’s toolbar. We can see which tabs are playing audio and the tab (or the whole website) can be muted. But quickly, it looks like Chrome users are going to get another measure of control over the audiovisual experience of their browser.

Google is testing a Play/Pause button for Chrome’s toolbar

In Chrome Canary, Google’s first line of protection to test modifications and updates for the commonly used web browser, a fresh Global Media Controls (GMC) feature was turned on. It appears that the Canary update was first discovered by ZDNet.

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Basically, the “GMC” thing is just a fancy name for Play / Pause on-demand checks. The button appears directly in your toolbar, the same place you find icons for extensions like LastPass just to the right of the URL bar, in its present form — yes, this could all alter before it goes live for true.

Selecting the icon creates a pop-up window that displays what is presently playing alongside a straightforward set of normal media controls. The function (as of now) operates with both audio and video and lists all — even if it’s playing in a different tab or window.

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When the function is completed, what’s not evident. Now maybe it’s in Canary, but obviously, it’s very buggy. According to the article, when you attempt to pause a video, the present version of the function “crashes almost all the time.”

But that’s the purpose of a testing ground like Canary. You can keep up with how things go through the Chrome bug tracker, which ZDNet helpfully provided here as a link.

Source: ZDNet

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