Google Photos has reached a billion users in just over four years

In just over four years, Google Photos has reached a billion users

In just over four years, Google Photos has reached a billion users. Google now has more than a billion users in Google Photos. Earlier this summer, it exceeded the milestone, a little over four years after it unveiled photos, Google informed Fast Company in a service profile.

Google Photos has reached a billion users

The business was spreading Google+ photos at I/O 2015. After Search, Gmail, Chrome, Drive, Maps, YouTube, Play Store, and Android, it’s the fifth Google product to reach the billion-user mark, but it got there a lot quicker than many of them. For example, it took Gmail twelve years to add a tenth digit to its number of users.

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Meanwhile, in about eight years, Facebook and Instagram have reached a billion users each. Google hit the figure comparatively rapidly because it often adds helpful fresh features to photos.

The recent one is Gallery Go, a lightweight Android picture manager. It allows individuals to handle their pictures offline and to sort them automatically by categories including individuals, records and locations.

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