Deal Alert: Logitech Crayon Offers iPad Apple Pencil Experience

Deal Alert: Logitech Crayon Offers iPad Apple Pencil Experience for just $ 49.99

You can pick up the Crayon from Logitech for only $ 49.99 today instead of $ 70. It’s a great alternative to the Apple Pencil first-generation.

The Apple Pencil is expensive and this fact is not hidden by the Cupertino company. But, little people know there’s a viable alternative that Apple sanctions and works just like the Apple Pencil, and that’s the Logitech Crayon. This accessory was aimed primarily at schools, but if you’re an average person like us, you can also pick it up and use it as the Apple Pencil.

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How much is it now costing? Just 49.99 dollars. You don’t have to pair the Crayon, unlike the Apple Pencil, by shooting it inside the Lightning port to get started.

Just turn it on and begin to use it. And best of all: it also works nicely with the latest generation of the iPad Pro lineup. It even charges very, very quickly. Hook it up to a Lightning charger and out of just 2 minutes of charging you will have 30 minutes of active use. You can go up to 7.5 hours on a full charge, which is not bad at all.

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Crayon Logitech Offers IPad Apple Pencil Experience
Crayon Logitech Offers iPad Apple Pencil Experience

If you want to experience the Apple Pencil without breaking the bank, you shouldn’t miss this deal. The Crayon is a tool for $ 49.99 that every creator should have but doesn’t want their wallets to be shattered.

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